Tuesday, July 27, 2004

long break from blogging

i realize i haven't written a single word in almost a month...lazy me.

will update on my recent Singapore trip soon.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Singing Fever

Malaysian Idol. Akademi Fantasia 2. Audition. This has resulted in an increased number of karaoke sessions for me and my friends. When we go to karaoke, we see another side of our friends. Some croon like a superstar, some can't carry a note, and some just plain annoying. I can bet that every person who's been to karaoke sessions with his/her mates must have encountered at least 1 annoying person. The dude who always has to sing louder than the person with the mic. The gal who snatches the mic from you. The dude who sings along by shouting so loudly for the entire session that you feel like slapping him in the face. The guy who can't sing at all but decides to sing along with you anyway, and spoils the only song you can sing well. The gal who thinks she can sing, but actually sucks. (That's probably me..hehe)

I wonder if there is a set of guidelines to make karaoke fun for everybody, e.g. a Karaoke Etiquette guide? A lot I found on the net deals with proper conduct in a karaoke Bar, not rooms like we have in Malaysia. I mean, there must be a way you can tell the prick to stop shouting without portraying yourself as a tight-ass jerk, right? I usually just smile and laugh, although it only encourages the person to continue shouting his lungs out. The problem is still not resolved. What else to do? I pun tak tau...If you know in advance the person is annoying, try to sit as far as possible from him/her, I suppose.