Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Cat Update

All cats have been adopted. By kind families, I must add. Hooray!! Thanks to Najah, who helped me spread the word. Some of them are still with me, waiting to be picked up during the long weekend. I will miss them. Especially, especially Kitty. boohoo!! I'm now left with the four cats I'm keeping: Cookie, Alf, Mr Frodo and Gedompol (a rather fat one). Pictures below: Cookie (left) and Alf (right) @ 4 months old.

Freaks, Creeps, etc.

You see many strange things in KL these days. People don't even stare anymore. Except for me, I think. I can't help but stare at strange things I see around me. For example, today, while having lunch in KLCC, opposite me sat a person. I said 'person' because I couldn't make out whether that person was a man or a woman. That person has a girly face, but was wearing men's working clothes, complete with men's shoes. I didn't see no boobs!! Hmmmm.. But that wasn't the strangest thing about the whole thing. The person had a doll...nicely set up on the table. And he/she stared at it every so often. Weirdo! I was worried that he/she might start a voodoo routine or something. Finished my lunch quickly and left.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

H20 Bar

was having teh tarik with some friends today, when the topic of lifestyle came up. one friend brought up the topic of mineral water, and how mineral water sales will soon exceed the sales of carbonated drinks. it's because these days, mineral water producers are marketing their water more aggressively, with an extensive array of variety, e.g. the water comes from the Swiss Alps la, the water comes from Alaska la, the water comes from a reservoir that hasn't been touched in 300 years la, etc. etc. Heck, drinking water is even more expensive that petrol these days!! So we came up with an idea....how about an H20 bar? people could have an H20 martini, 10% water from the Swiss Alps, mixed with water from that 300 year old reservoir, on the rocks, topped with cherry and a little umbrella? we could also have "Water of the Day (WOTD)", ice-blended water, etc. then came the story about this place in KL where you can leave your crawling baby, and for like rm30/hour, the baby could crawl freely without us being worried that it'll knock its head on the wall or staircase. my gosh, things like this also can make money ah?

lifestyle sells, doesn't it? we were fine 20 years ago when all we drank was boiled tap water. when we crawled around the house as babies, surely we did hit some hard objects, but we did grow to become normal humans, didn't we? but today, lifestyle sells. the gym is not selling its gym facilities, it's selling the healthy lifestyle. Coffeebean isn't selling its coffee, but the lifestyle of hanging out and looking cool. as a friend pointed out, to which i agree, if 10 years ago we came up with the idea of selling RM10 coffee, "sure people will laugh in our faces punya lah...siapa nak beli?? Kopi 444 pun dah cukup best, baru 50 sen." very true. (note to self: must come up with a great lifestyle idea to make my first million)

on another note, one of my cats, Mr. Frodo, is a chronic attention seeker. as i'm typing this, it's trying to grab my fingers so i would pet it. now it's rolling at my feet, seeking for attention. an now it has climbed on my shoulders, noyt sure whzt it wants. can't stype pr0perlya since it's now ssdfpounding ist paws /on the ksyboarsd. shoh!! shoh!!

on another note altogether..i need some ideas on how to commercialize Malaysian Football, and how we can learn from the US and UK. any help is much appreciated. =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

moving out

In a couple of weeks I will be moving back to my new-old home. Old being the neighborhood and house i grew up in, New being the recently renovated home i will be moving back into. I have been staying in the "temporary" home for almost 2 years now. (No, we didn't tear down the other house and rebuilt it, the contractor took 2 years to do a 5-month job). But anyway, 2 years. Two years of being an anonymous person in a rather unfriendly neighborhood. Nevertheless, I will miss the anonymity. I will miss the peacefulness of the area, where the cats can run freely without my worrying that they'll get hit by a car. I will miss the short journey to work (20-30 mins, vs 1 hour!). I will miss the occassional sound of the Commuter and ERL. But I will NOT miss the neighbor behind us who stole our papayas, claimed those as theirs, and refused to share some with us. Also the guy next door who hates our cats and will never smile at us when we pass by.

I can't wait to move back to the familiar and friendly place I came from. At the cost of the cats' movements being constrained to a 3ft x 4ft x 5ft cage. Fair enough, I think.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

monster madness

went to see Super Sapiens last night. it's about Hell Boy, a hellspawned devil that goes around fighting other evil monsters. quite a funny movie. but even funnier, after the movie, was the conversation with my friend:

Friend: eh i have an idea for a movie lah
Me: oh really..what?
Friend (deep in thought): hmm i can already hear the movie voice saying, "out of the flames of the oven....i am...Roti Boy!!"

i found it so funny, i laughed till tears came out. ah..what a fun night, what a fun friend i have.

oh, speaking of monsters, check out the Gila Monster. My Gila brother forwarded it to me this morning. yuck.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Cat Update

I didn't have time to take the cats to SPCA yesterday...so these cats are still available...Kitty and Kitten No. 3. The other two have been adopted.

Click here for pictures.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Chandelier @ Taman Seputeh

went for friend's birthday dinner at The Chandelier...in Taman Seputeh. it's a really cool place, done up nicely with ponds and fountains, etc. and the food's not bad, not too pricy. however, the service was terrible!! i think the management must've hired a bunch of waiters from hell. how unfortunate..to state an example, my friend ordered mushroom soup and some garlic bread. so after we waited for about 45 minutes, the soup came, with a slice of bread (looks like gardenia). but no garlic bread. so friend asked waiter, "i ordered garlic bread, can i have it? saya nak makan dengan sup." waiter said (blank expression) "uh..garlic bread?" then she rotated the soup bowl and pointed to the slice of (non-garlic)bread "ni ada bread!" and walked away. Plain Rude!!

so the birthday dinner didn't turn out that well. it didn't help that a very angry customer walked up to the counter and started ranting loudly, telling them that he's been waiting for his food for an hour. then he started shouting "hurry up!! hurry up!!", threw a glass of water on some waiter's face, and smashed the glass on the floor. what a scene! the man was harsh, but i have to admit the restaurant needed that.

conclusion: awesome place, but NEVER go there on a busy night. i've been there several times on their quieter nights, and it's not too bad. you'll still get the same stupid waiters from hell, but at least there'll be less customers to serve.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Royal Blood(y) Privileges

i've been working like a mad man these past two days. yee haa! (read my previous entries for the reason why i'm happy)

anyway, after work i decided to go see some friends that i haven't seen in a couple of weeks. the traffic was pretty bad on the way, although it was already past office hours. suddenly, in the middle of it, some escort policemen started whizzing by, their blue lights on, and they were honking like mad, forcing cars to move to the side. how were we supposed to move la?? the road was JAM PACKED!! i cursed, this better be an ambulance or the fire brigade. since nobody could move, one policeman started shouting on his P.A. system, "SILA BERI LALUAN...SILA BERI LALUAN..." after what seemed like ages, they finally managed to clear one lane. and what passed by? a stream of mercs and beemers-royalty plate numbers. blarggh!! one of the cars wasn't tinted, so i managed to catch the passenger's face. not a sign of guilt. what...they think they're the only people who're in a hurry to get somewhere ah?? what about me and the other people who've been queuing patiently, worrying about whether we'll make it to our dinner appointments? please lah...i paid to use the road too!

ok lah, no point complaining. it's not going to change anything. if anybody knows how and how much it costs to hire the escort police, let me know. maybe when i'm rich and royal enough, i could hire them to clear the roads for me to get to work every morning, since i've been getting in late almost every morning now. kekeke..

buona notti...domani sara un giorno migliore.
good night...tomorrow will be a better day.

Saturday, April 10, 2004


woke up to the unbearable stench of cat poo. in my room. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! i shoud've woken up when Alf was meowing loudly to get out of the room earlier. idiot! idiot! idiot!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Concert Photos

here's a flavor of what i experienced. wish i had brought a better camera...

Guy Sebastian

Gareth Gates

Gareth playing guitar

Gareth again

Say It Isn't So - Gareth Gates

Skies are dark it's time for rain, final call you board the train
Heading for tomorrow
I wave goodbye to yesterdays, wipe the tears you hide your face
Blinded by the sorrow

How can I be smiling like before
When baby, you don't love me anymore

Say it isn't so
Tell me you're not leaving
Say you changed your mind now
That I am only dreaming
That this is not goodbye
This is starting over
If you wanna know
I don't wanna let go
So say it isn't so

Ten to five at least we tried, we're still alive but hope just died
As they close the door behind you
Whistle blows and tons of steel, shake the ground beneath the wheels
As I wish I never found you

How can I be smiling when you're gone
Will I be strong enough to carry on

Miles and miles to go before I can say,
Before I can lay my love for you to sleep
Oh, darling oh
I got miles and miles to go
Before anyone will ever hear me laugh again

just came back from Gareth Gates concert in Bukit Kiara, got free, front row tickets...I'm telling you, he is YUMMY!!!! So the jambu boy la...Loads of teenage girls though, so I had to join in the jumping and screaming to fit in. At one point, me and friend got annoyed stares from a nearby parent when i screamed "Gareth!!! Take off your pants!!", and my friend screamed "Gar!! Show us some skin!!" Oh sod off...old git!! But he joined in the screaming a bit later, so i guess it's cool.

Will post pictures later. although won't see much from my Zire71..well at least those who missed it will get to see his silhouette. i was very close to the stage..woohoo! not close enough to catch the towels he threw, but definitely close enough to have eye contact with Gareth (i think he DID look at me)...hmmm..hahaha!

I propose the next concert should be Justin Timberlake. I'm definitely there!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Another Cat

I forgot that I'm also giving away the kittens' mother, Kitti, if anybody's interested. She's 1.5 yrs old, fully vaccinated, but not spayed. A couple of months ago, she experienced loss of hair around her neck, probably stressed by having given birth to 9 kittens in the span of 5 months. But the hair is growing back. Here's a picture of her.

ooh, i forgot to add, these cats are all litter trained, so as long as the litter tray is clean and they have access to the litter box, they won't do their toilet business on the floor or carpets.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Kittens Up For Adoption

Finally, i could squeeze some time to post their pictures:
These kitties are all 2 months plus. dewormed and de-ticked once. So far they've been eating IAMS, but they usually quite welcome the occasional human food e.g. KFC, sambal udang, etc.

Kitten No. 1 (Female)

Kitten No. 2 (Female) - difficult to take pictures of a black cat..if you adjust your computer screen, u might be able to make out its face.

Kitten No. 3 (Male)

They are now a bit bigger than in the pictures. Please email me at shazrin@yahoo.com. The offer is up until 17th April 2004. After that I will have to reluctantly give them away to the SPCA. :(

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

yuck yuck yuck!

anybody ever heard any of waheeda's songs? wassini? or mencari (the duet with giegil)? i don't know about you, but whenever i hear her singing, i just feel like &^%@!(((@#&@!!@)(Q$#**#&#@!!

nuff said.