Friday, February 29, 2008

How to find your purpose in life

i was talking to a friend about some totally ridiculous plan i had, and wanted to google that saying, "Every success starts with a dream." and i found this article, about finding your purpose in life. it's common sense stuff, but it good to read these things and remind ourselves sometimes.


Think about, if you knew you could not fail, had the resources you needed, and were supported by your family, friends, and your community, what would you do??

You deserve to have a purpose and to make your dreams come true. Most of what stops you is from a culture that did not give you what you needed to think of yourself as a contributing member. Through deep thought and hard work, you can find that needle in the haystack- and experience the power of purpose.

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- Randy Swanston

hmm. Yes. I deserve to have a purpose and make my dreams come true. By whatever means I feel is best for me, and not hurtful to anybody.

Monday, February 25, 2008


dinner, originally uploaded by nadi0.

another recipe main-belasah that me and deli made last night.

Fettucini with Prawns and Mushroom in Cream Sauce

garlic, onions, chopped, sauteed in olive oil
mushrooms, sliced, mix with sauteed garlic and onion
paprika powder
dried parsley
cream - the small box
salt and pepper
mix in cooked Fettucini
stir in a slice of butter

sedap gila! kekeke, unfortunately the picture doesn't really do justice to the actual thing. should've thrown some fresh parsley for garnish..

try it...and enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2008

letting go

Fiat Coupe 1996 2.0 N/A 16V going for i dunno yet how much. i know it's going to be less than RM26k for now.
send email to for more info.
* the plate no NADIO is for illustration purposes only., earlier this year, i said that one of my goals would be to improve certain aspects of my life. with the most reluctant feeling, it will involve letting go of some of the things that i love, which include my workplace, and my car.

yep, i am leaving my job. it wasn't the easiest decision to make (same as convincing myself that i need to let go of this car), but i guess it's normal, since the company was sort of the place i grew up in. i'm mainly sad about leaving the people in there. people who have been my friends through and through, but that's alright, i suppose with a little bit of effort, we will remain friends for long. i'm so emotional lah. hahaha..when i handed in the letter last month, my eyes were filled with tears. but i knew that it was something i had to do, for my own self-satisfaction. and when the future inside became as uncertain for me as it is outside, i thought, why not? need to regain my passion for work, because i lost it some 6 months ago. hehehe...

so there it goes. while writing this piece, i was chatting with a colleague who said, "No..keep it..don't sell it!!" damn...hahahaa! i'm gonna put this out anyway.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

great drinks, yucky food.

drinks @ williams Taman Mayang, originally uploaded by nadi0.

after sleeping from 4pm to 10pm just now, i woke up with a rumbling stomach. so me and brother decided to go out and find a steak stall. wanted to go to Steven's Uptown, but decided not to since it was too far and it was kind of wet. So we went to William's in Taman Mayang instead.

the drinks were delicious, brother had a honeydew lychee and i had a mango special. I asked for a Ribena Lychee, but apparently that particular drink doesn't come in small size. Weird, couldn't they just pour the drink into the small jars they use for the other drinks? i didn't understand why, but whatever lah.

so the food came. Chicken chop came a little too fast for brother. Padan was cold! Brother said the chicken chop tak sedap. Then my 30 ringgit rib-eye steak came. Tried to cut the meat, but it felt like it was just fat all around, no meat. It was disgusting! So i returned it, and told them i lost my appetite.

I see a lot of people coming to eat there, not at all minding the stench from the drains. Seriously, what is good there? So far whatever I've tried sucked big time, but i saw many other people happily munching their food away.

I ended up buying a cheeseburger from McD afterwards. I can still feel the slimy taste of the steak (or was it the fat?) in my mouth.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

the traffic, the police, toilets and rich buggers

i was driving home today, and i thought, thank god the traffic police are here to help us through this mess every day.

then i thought, what if they need to go to the toilet in the middle of their shift? how ah?

and a bit later, closer to home, i saw this, very hard not to notice, stuck on a huge billboard right beside the highway with slow-moving cars:

will you marry me?, originally uploaded by nadi0.

How bout that, eh? It's so showy-offy, at the same time so romantic. hehehe.

Have a good one, people.