Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funi @ Adelaide Zoo

Funi @ Adelaide Zoo, originally uploaded by nadi0.

Funi @ Adelaide Zoo

truly the highlight of my day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adelaide: 4 days on

Ikea and Harbour Town (the factory outlets) day went well. We even went to Glenelg Beach first to have lunch, and then turned back to do our shopping, all on public transport, dragging the trolley bag around (well deli did). Things I'd never do at home - go to Ikea on public transport although it's quite convenient. hahaha.

The factory outlet was awesome, though I only had two hours to look around. I'll go again this week if i get the chance...Levi's had an offer for buy 2 and get the third one free. I bought 1 pair for $19.90. couldn't think of a reason why i'd need 3 more jeans. hehehe

We stayed in a hotel for the first two nights...since i've booked the room and fully paid for it anyway. The hotel sucked because the wi-fi doesn't reach the room they gave us the the very end of the hall on 3rd floor. The two beds where on wheels and they moved around the wood-floored room like nobody's business. I initially thought that it was an awesome value for $95 a night, but considering the option of staying in my brother's hostel for free, it wasn't. Well, to be fair, it WAS right smack in the middle of the city, 5 minutes walk to almost all the interesting places in the city. I would never stay there again though.

So, on Saturday we chilled out and looked for mobile plans, then went to the Central Market and Chinatown to see what Asian stuff we can find there, should my brother have cravings for Malay food in the near future. Central Market is awesome, with the cheeses, fresh looking fruits and veggies - one stall even had coffee from all over the world and it smelled delicious! After doing all that we went back to the hostel for a rest, and i went for a jog around the neighborhood. Jogging here isn't as tiring, the sun was shining so bright, but the wind cooled the sweat that was nice.

Today is the last day before my brother starts his orientation at uni. We went back to ikea for more stuff, and dragged the stuff along with us to Glenelg Beach for the day. Chilling down by the beach was really nice, but it got windy so we decided to head back up to have a look around. Ended up in this really nice chocolate shop for some frappes, rushed to watch the sunset, but we missed it slightly...not that there was anything special with the sunset anyway, since there's nothing interesting on the horizon. I'm getting really lazy with lugging this D300 around lah. I think i will go back home and get me a smaller dslr body for my next holiday.

After the sunset we went to this Good Life Pizza as recommended by the Lonely Planet. We had the Spencer Gulf Monster Prawns pizza, which was really really good! It was the most expensive dinner we had so far for 38 bucks, but ok-lah, i thought i'd buy my brother a nice meal since he let me bunk in his room for the week.

I'm still not getting the bus fares in this city. I've been riding the bus and tram all weekend for $2.20 a pop, and suddenly tonight, the tram ticket man asked if we wanted normal tickets or student fares, i had to pay $4.20 for mine and my brother $2.20. I guess they just assumed i am a student all this time (woohoo!) But, serious tak paham.

Ok lah, I'm feeling tired from lazing on the beach today. hehe..i'm off.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tired in Adelaide

Man it's been one hell of a day yesterday. We arrived at 7.15 AM, and took us about an hour to get out of customs. As usual, Malaysian student off to study in foreign country, 1 bag full of clothes that you'll probably not even wear in the next year, and the other bag full of food that you probably won't eat until they're about to expire.

The flight was a short one, 6 hours and 30 minutes departing KLIA at 9.45pm. Of course i couldn't get enough sleep! first 2 hours spent watching the movies, then another 30 minutes eating, an hour of sleep and then they start serving more food and the hustle and bustle of landing started already.

It was tiring but i thought the whole morning was overall lucky for me. The driver who picks up first time students in Adelaide let me hitch a ride with my brother (they initially said that that's not allowed - guardians or travelling partners must travel separately). Then the guy at bro's hostel said i could bunk in with my brother for the length of my stay, if my brother is ok with it. Not having a proper plan pays off in the end. hahaha.

We spent the day doing all the necessary stuff, bank accounts, getting homewares etc. Adelaide city is a pretty small place, you could walk everywhere if you wanted to, which was what we ended up doing, since we only know the buses that go from the hostel into the city. 12noon i started having a headache from the lack of sleep. but we pushed on to finish all those things. the sooner i get those things done, the sooner i get to start my holiday!

so far i haven't taken any pictures, gone for any trail walks or anything. and i can't wait! there seems to be a lot of things you could do of which is swimming with dolphins, which i'm contemplating!

anyway, today we're off to the factory outlets and ikea. didn't get to finish shopping for stuff yesterday because shops here close at yang boring kan negara2 macam ni. hehe. adios.