Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi

a song that can definitely be categorized as an Irritainment.

i heard this song on the radio a few days ago. it's one of those greatly annoying songs, but you'll never be able to get the chorus tune out of your head. which is probably why it's topping the charts these days. enjoy! i wanted to spread the annoyance. hahaa.

tompok's kitten

tompok's kitten, originally uploaded by nadi0.

doesn't it just make you want to smile?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

wishlist 2008

this is an entry about my birthday.
in 2004, i posted an entry a day before.
in 2005, still a day earlier.
in 2006, on the day itself.
2007, a day later.
this is 2008, and i'm only posting about it a week later. (denial syndrome) hahahaa!

let's see, what were the things in my wishlists throughout the years? let's check it out.

wishlist 2004

  1. To become more knowledgeable about worldly issues
  2. All the problems with my car gets magically fixed (for free!)
  3. I no longer have to attend classes
  4. My completed thesis falls from the sky
  5. My cats to learn the basics of cleaning the litter tray. Or better yet, use the toilet and flush it after
  6. The super glue that has been stuck on my fingers for the past 2 hours to disappear (from an attempt to become my own cobbler)

wishlist 2005
  1. For the lung infection to totally clear up so i can have a full stem cell transplant
  2. For all other lurking viral/fungal infections to clear up
  3. For my stem cell transplant to be successful
  4. Holiday in Disneyworld, Florida (wooohoooo!)
  5. Trip to Taiping Zoo
  6. Moisture restored on my face, it's so dry despite me drinking bottles of water!

wishlist 2006
  1. i was mainly just thankful to be alive
  2. All the problems with my car gets magically fixed

wishlist 2007
  1. i didn't really have a wish. my head was in a sad cloud at that time, from i can't remember what anymore. actually i do, but i'm not telling. hehe
so, they're basically the same wishes, different years.
  1. i still wish my car problems would go away (while still getting to keep it, of course).
  2. i still wish that my completed thesis would fall from the sky.
  3. i still wish i would care a bit more about worldly issues like politics, the election and things like that. felt a bit lost and bored out of my ears during the heat of the elections. all my fault for not caring a single bit though. haha.
hmm...what else?
  1. i wish for a long, happy and fulfilling life that is full of adventure.
there you go!
happy birthday, me! (7 hari lambat sebab tak nak mengaku dah tua. hahaha)

Friday, March 14, 2008

a view to ease the mind

cameron highlands, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i had to cover a wedding in Gua Musang for a friend last weekend. I went via Bentong-Raub-Kuala Lipis, and came back via Cameron Highlands. The air in Cameron Highlands was so fresh, and the view so breathtaking. Stopped by the veggie shops to buy loads of veggies, although i am certainly not a veggie eater. hahaha...

Cruising alone in the car along the winding road, with my windows rolled down, and Maroon 5 playing in the background was the best experience I've had in the recent weeks. I got off the car at one point to enjoy the view, but immediately got back into the car because the silence was too unnerving. I must do this again someday.

Went to the doc's in Ampang yesterday. Bone marrow test results from a few months ago came out excellent, blood test results excellent as well. Alhamdulillah. My liver enzymes seem to have improved, although I have gotten used to it going up and down over the past few years. Despite everything going well, I'm on a 3 day medical leave. The doc said i look stressed and tired, so she said I need to stay home and rest. Not surprising, since I've been picking up this other dude's shit for the past week, and I guess the stress is even more when I'm just really too lazy to do anything nowadays. I keep telling myself that I'll just do this one last thing for the company, since it supported me through some very difficult times. Hope that useless dude gets fired someday. ahahaa!

Anyway, I'm off until the weekend..I guess I'll watch the cooking channel shows over and over until i get bored. hehe..have a good one people!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the old and the helpless

Man. It always breaks my heart when i see very old people with no younger people around them to help. I was driving in home in my neighborhood today when i saw a fragile looking old man trying to cross the little plank across the drain, with his two walking sticks. I thought he was going to commit suicide because he was trying to cross the main road and the cars were driving by so fast. So aku yang penyebok ni stopped to ask him if he needed help crossing the road. Turns out he was trying to get to the petrol station so he could hail a cab because his wife is sick at home. I found a cab chilling out at the petrol station, and the driver said, "hah, that old man yang dok berjalan kat sebelah sana tu? ok i go get him now."

kesian gila. dunno how long he was walking from home until he could get himself a cab. i hope he manages to sort it out. :-(