Saturday, May 30, 2009

missing skopelos

DSC_6339, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i finally got around to looking at my recent travel photos. i have been trying to delay this part where i go through the pictures, delete the really horrible ones, edit the nice ones, etc etc. Partly because work has consumed most of my after-trip life that my nights were mostly spent in a catatonic state in front of the TV, partly because i did not want to get into a state of post-holiday depression looking back at the photos.

i can't wait to get to do this again next year, god willing. with friends, i hope, but alone would also be OK. traveling alone is fun because you could really do whatever you like, arrange and rearrange your plans to your own liking. Of course, you get lonely once in a while, but that's why it's useful to have a friend in the form of a Wi-fi enabled gadget! :-P


One Geek Salad for me please! hahahah

I'm not sure what i really miss about Skopelos actually. Skopelos is undoubtedly beautiful. But I think it was mostly the tranquility, the week-long opportunity to behave like a lost soul with about 3 pairs of clothes and a camera, and only worry about what to eat and what to do, in addition to worrying about not falling off the cliffs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

wictor wictor

Star Trek was awesome!!

among other pronunciations that made me think twice today:

in a conversation with a bank customer service agent:

Agent: can you tell me what 'kaunt-i' you use your card in?
Me: kaunt what?

in a radio ad:

something about the narrator's sister being so feminine, perhaps because she uses 'audipafum Secret' cheh. Maybe that's bahasa baku for Eau de Parfum.

Monday, May 18, 2009

i am home

am home, after the stress of packing and unpacking in London to meet the baggage weight regulations, after the mix up at the check-in counter when i was checked in under a Mr Nadarajan and only realized the mistake at the gate (i got through security and immigration in Heathrow with the wrong boarding pass, mind you), after the 12 hours of darkness in the plane, out to the hot sticky weather of home sweet home.

back to reality.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in London

After what felt like forever on the non-reclining seats of EasyJet, i finally arrived at my brother's place.  It's nice and chilly, just the kind of weather i like.

And the speed of the Internet.  Greece was fast, but not this fast.  The song 'ooh baby do you know what that's worth..ooh heaven is a place on earth' is playing in my head right now. hehe.

speedwise, so far Malaysia is still the sayurest of them all.

nite nite!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The end of my greek adventure

I'm back in Athens. Lounging around in the baggage storage area of this backpacker place, because the heat is just too much outside.  At this rate, i might as well be back home, having banana leaf rice at Sri Paandi.

The ferry to Skiathos yesterday went smoothly.  Skiathos is a quaint little island, busier with tourist activities despite being smaller than Skopelos.  I whiled away the time by walking down the streets to see if there's any souvenirs i could bring home.  But then again, all those things, bangles, handbags, scarves, i could get the exact same ones back home in Giant Mall.  So at 7pm, i decided to go and wait for my flight at the airport, and guess what, there was no one there, and the guard said the check-in counters will open at 9.30pm, for the 10pm flight. heheh.  The airport looks like a cowboy town airport.  So i waited lah for 2.5 hours.

I arrived at Athens Backpackers at midnight and went straight to bed.  I went for a last walk mid-morning, looking for souvenirs, but since i am running out of cash, i didn't get anything. haha.  Then it got too hot, so i'm back here just whiling my time away.

Maybe i should just head to the airport and sit around there for the air-conditioning.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last Day

bugger. time flies eh?  technically tomorrow is my last day, but my ferry leaves for Skiathos at 4.55pm tomorrow, and i'm catching a flight to Athens at 10pm.  One more night in Athens, then i leave for London.

Skopelos Kids - seen fishing at Loutraki

I didn't do much today.  I drove back to Agios Ioannis, and hiked down to the secluded beach for a swim.  When i got hungry i packed up and drove to Agnontas Bay for lunch.  Then i went back to Stafylos Beach, and sat there enjoying the end of the day.  I wanted to wait for the moon to rise above the horizon, but i got lazy and there was nowhere to park on the narrow road, so i went back to the hotel.

Skopelos is awesome.  It's one of my favourite places on earth now.  I love the friendly, but non-intrusive people.  I love the beauty of the terrain, with the pine trees growing right now to the beach.  I love the cats. I love the fact that I chose the perfect time of year to come here.  I wake up every morning with a body ache, maybe from trying to hike up and down to get to the beach with an additional 5 kilos on my back, carrying that fat-ass nikon.

I can't wait to get back to London though. I wish I could skip this one-night-in-Athens bit.  My cash is also running low, and with two days left, i can't be arsed to go to the ATM for more money.

Skopelos Cat - seen basking in the setting sun at Milia Beach

Friday, May 08, 2009

Intimidated by nature.

I drove on an empty winding road today, and worried that the pine trees might suddenly come alive and eat me up.  Then i drove on a dusty winding road in a non-4x4 car, trying to find the highest point of the road, and worried that the car brakes might suddenly not work and i will slip down into oblivion.  I finally went down again to Milia beach to watch the sun set, accompanied by a gang of cats who seem to be quite happy when i arrived.  I got scared by the sound of the waves.  The 1km beach was all mine (and the cats'), but at sunset the soft waves suddenly became harsh, so i quickly packed up my camera and went off (maybe i was imagining things haha).  It reminded me of the day i went on the Great Ocean Road with my brother, when we stood on the beach down the cliff looking up at the first of the 12 Apostles.

The best part of my day was at Glysteri beach, where there were only a couple of old people (naked, eww) and myself (not naked).  I took a dip in the pebbly Greek waters, but the water was still too cold.  And the best view i had while driving was between Agnontas and Stafylos, when the moon was rising above the horizon.  Subhan Allah.

No pictures postings today.  Lazy lah.  The tiredness i would have felt from walking has been replaced by mental fatigue from driving on the Skopelos roads.  Heheh. 2 more days before i have to leave this beautiful island.  In some ways I'm quite glad this adventure is about to end, because i don't think i will be able to cope with the daily adrenaline rush much longer.  And I miss my nephew.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

honey honey... he thrills me, a-ha, honey honey
honey honey, nearly killed me, a-ha, honey honey. i set off to Glossa, the other port town of Skopelos.  It's actually not that far away, but since the speed limit is 50kmph, it did take me a good hour to get there.  Plus it's hard to drive fast on a scenic drive.  I stopped by Stafylos again, just to check for my lens cap one more time.  I retraced my steps from yesterday, and i found it!  There is was, under the bushes where i put my bag while i climbed around the rocks yesterday. heheh. happy!

I had lunch in Glossa, i was starving, but the taverna didn't serve anything nice, so i had some fries and a salad.  After lunch i walked around was such a quaint little village!  I then drove down to the port, which was much smaller than the Skopelos port and nothing really interesting.

Then i drove off to find The Church of Agios Ioannis, the church where the wedding scene in Mamma Mia! was filmed.  They actually just used the view, i don't think they actually used the church since it was so small!  It was a narrow, winding road to get there, and there was only one other car when i arrived.

Church of Agios Ioannis, Skopelos

Mamma Mia scene done, i went of to Kastani Beach to just chill out with my book.  Again, just one other car there when i arrived, a group of friends just hanging out by the beach.  So i sat down and read my book to the background sound of waves hitting the beach.  It was very lovely until the group left, and i felt a bit worried that I'm the only one there and the sun is already setting.  So i packed up and left.  Damn! I wanted to get some sunset photos today.  Tomorrow i'll find a beach with a bit more people, but at the rate this sleepy island is going, i don't think i will find any.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I decided to check out the bus route today.  These skopelos buses don't run as regular as i'd like though.  After missing the 12.15pm bus, I hung around at a cafe reading my book, waiting for the 1.30pm bus.  I knew the buses looked like school buses, but at 1.30pm, suddenly this huge coach started moving and i saw people climbing into it - no ferry in sight.  So i ran to the bus and asked the driver where he was going.  He said, "Stafylos, Agnontas, Limonari, Panormos...etc etc." damn, this is the town bus!  So i paid to go to Stafylos.  (mistake, should have gone the full route up to Glossa and see what's nice).

Skopelos Map, from

Anyway, I got off at Stafylos, and followed the road sign.  Goddamn, the path was so steep, i knew i will be so lazy to make it back up.  Stafylos is a beautiful quiet beach, or maybe it's just quiet because it is spring, and there were only me (climbing up and down the rocks for photos) and a small family that was having a picnic and a swim.


The thought of settling down at the beach, then having to climb back up was enough to put me off.  So i started walking back up, determined to rent a car.  Waited a few minutes at the bus stop, but no bus passed by, so i started walking back towards Skopelos Town.  The map indicated that the road is about 6km away, and from my journey up, i knew that it wasn't going to be a flat road.  But the next bus won't be coming until 2 hours later!  Anyway, i thought the walk would be good for me, it will be my only walk on this island.  Apparently the island walking thing is quite big.  Check out Walking the Greek Islands. About 1.5 hours later, after many stops to take photos of this and that, i arrived in town starving and went into the first taverna that said hello to me.

A nice old man called Andreas served me some grilled sardines which were delicious, though i thought a bit too salty.  He seems to think that Malaysia is a part of Africa, because he said to me, "ah, Malaysia, good country, not like Sudan, shooting everywhere." huh? hehe...suka hati lah. After i finished, he wanted to give me a bottle of i don't know what, but he claims that it is more powerful than ouzo, so i politely declined lah.  Come to think of it, i should have taken it as a souvenier for friends back home.

The fullness from lunch increased the level of my laziness to do this whole island walking thing, so i stopped by a car rent shop to ask for the rental price.  I initially planned to rent a car for one day only, and hike the rest of the days, but nahhhhh.  Even better when the car rent lady said it is 50 euros for 3 days, unlimited mileage (not that the island is very big) , insurance included, and i just have to fill back the tank to what it was before. Done deal. Here's my driver's license, here's the 50 bucks. Gimme the keys. Awesome.  I just got to remember not to overeat now that I won't be walking as much. hehehe.

Car in hand, i drove back to Stafylos right down to the front of the steps to go down the beach.  I realized while starting the walk that i lost my lens i went into the bushes to look for it...but nope, it was gone. I'm not sure how i'm going to keep this lens safe now..urgh.

Sunset at Milia Beach, Skopelos

I then proceeded to drive from beach to beach, up to Milia.  Apparently the next beach, Kastani was the main filming location for Mamma Mia! the movie, but i was tired, so i headed back home. Got 3 more days with the car, no worries.  Didn't take that many nice pictures either, since the problem with driving is that you can't stop wherever you want for photos.  The road was also too small and i was still getting used to the car and i don't want to fall into the many gaungs (somehow i thought the clutch position is also reversed on a left-hand drive car. hehe).

Ok i'm going to sleep early today since a whole new world just opened up for me with access to a car. hehe. Ciao ciao!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lazy day in Skopelos

Skopelos Town.

I didn't do anything much today.  Woke up at noon and lazed about until 2pm.  Attempted to find a laundry, but before i could, the hotel owner said she'll just put my clothes with their washing and hang them.  Then i borrowed her bicycle and cycled to town for some lunch.

the grilled squid i had for lunch, with some greek salad.

After that i cycled back, and did nothing else until now, other than surfing the net to the sound of ocean waves and Greek pop music from the hotel next door.  The temperature is still chilly and weather cloudy, and it's not good enough for photos, but i'd rather this than the scorching hot sun.

People on this island are so nice.  I'm not sure whether it's because of tourism, but i don't think it's a very touristy island.  People here are olive farmers and fishermen mostly.  Just today, as i was having lunch, the order came for a couple sitting in front of me.  She tasted it, and she said to the waiter, "i don't like the taste of it."  The waiter, with a smile on his face, took the dish back, and brought her some fried fish.  It's the kind of thing you never attempt to do in KL.  You decided to order it, so you pay lah, whether it's good or not. hahaha.  Unless it's real disgusting like the "Mango Sticky Rice" (lame yucky version) me, lan and daus once had at the Dessert Bar in Mont Kiara.

I'm getting hungry.  Maybe i'll go off and see what's nice at the waterfront.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mamma Mia!

So i didn't sleep at all last night, chatted with friends in KL until it was time to go.  Slept all the way in the bus, but did make some small talk with a couple of English ladies who have already been to Skopelos twice!  The bus left precisely at 6.45 AM, and arrived at the port Agios Konstantinous at 9.30 AM.  I went straight into the huge ferry, picked a seat, watched a documentary about ancient greek wonders, and fell asleep again.  The ferry left at 10.30 AM, made stops at Skiathos, Glossa (the other side of Skopelos), and finally Skopelos Town.  Just for records, this whole journey cost me about 63 Euros.

As soon as the plank was lowered, and I saw Skopelos, oooh....mamma mia!! I started devicing in my head how to stay here another day and skip that whole flight-from-Skiathos-to-Athens-the-day-before thing.  I could see that it's a beautiful island, although the weather is very cold today, and so far it's been misty.  The hills laced with the mist provided a somewhat dreamy backdrop to the densely populated white houses near the marina. (do i sound like a travel ad? sorry. hehe)

Suddenly I saw a lady holding a white card bearing my name.  Damn, i get picked up at the port? wah.  She's the owner of the hotel i booked, it's called DelSol or Takis-Sophie, i'm not sure which one is the real name.  I got a little studio unit, with a kitchenette, bathroom, dining table and a bedroom, for the same price i paid for that one bed in Athens.  Got wi-fi too, unfortunately no TV, but they're mostly in Greek anyway.  I'm pretty sure i'll have a good time here.

It's 5pm, but i think i'm going to take a nap.  The owner asked me to join a grill party at her restaurant later for a South African tour group she's hosting, so maybe I'll rest now and go see if there's anything nice i can eat.  This feels so weird, I was kind of expecting a formal hotel, but it feels more like i've been invited to stay at someone's really house.  Nice weird though.  I'm pretty sure i'm the only one here right now. hehehe. ta.

Failed to get to Cape Sounio

I woke up late, missed the change of the guards i wanted to see in front of the parliament, so i went straight to the bus-stop to get on the regional bus to Cape Sounio, where the coast is supposed to be dramatic and all.  Maps and guidebooks said that the bus departs every hour, but of course, I waited for 1 1/2 hour and no described orange bus passed by.  Newspaper kiosk man said yes, there are buses leaving for Sounio here everyday, so I waited a bit more and gave up soon after.  I was just feeling tired of this whole greek timeliness thing, so i decided to take the metro to the National Archeological Museum, and try my luck to see if it was open.

Luckily, it was open, and it's apparently free on Sundays! I didn't read every single thing, but it was quite amazing to see things from thousands of years ago, created by civilizations that had a lot less than modern technology.  The sculptures were so intricately done, the pottery painted with beautiful patterns, beautiful jewelry of all sorts. It's the kind of feeling where you suddenly realize that these people did exist, they're not just made up hollywood characters played by brad pitt and orlando bloom. heh.


Aphrodite, Eros (middle) & Pan.  The explanation said that in this carving, Pan si tuhan berkaki kambing nak mengorat goddess Aphrodite, but Aphrodite taknak, so she's holding her selipar in her right hand to slap the horny Pan, and Eros the flying baby god comes to help Aphrodite.  Found in Beirut, believed to be from around 100 BC.  I've seen a worse carving of Pan the goat-footed god in the ancient porn section of the Naples Archeological Museum, where he was trying to rape a really fat woman or something.

Then in contemplating my next move, i sat around in Omonia Square, had a cone of gelato while watching the Bangladeshis sell their goods on the square.  It really reminds me of Central Market, where a blend of chinese, indians and some very asian looking people walking around. So, since my 24 hour travel pass was valid for another 4 hours, i decided to head to Pireas, a port town near Athens.  I asked the bus kiosk which bus goes around the cape, and was told to get on bus No. 904.  I hopped off at what i thought was the main waterfront, and walked a bit to take photos before hopping again on the next bus.  The next journey took me to a bigger waterfront called Pasalimano, with yachts and expensive looking restaurants, and stylish people walking the esplanade. Lovely! I headed straight back to Athens after that.

men sitting at the smaller marinas, Pireas

view from the small marina in Pireas

Back in Athens, i sorted out my last night stay after my island trip at the hostel, and saw a notice on the whiteboard that said, "Acropolis is free today!"  It was already almost 7pm, but i thought i should just walk that short distance to see if it's still open.  Luckily it was open, i guess i was so tired that i misunderstood the closed signboard a few days ago.  I think only the Museum is closed, not the whole site.  Which is quite logical now that i think about it; how could they close their most important tourist attraction to the public, right? hehehe.  The view from the Acropolis site is quite breathtaking as well, and i was able to see the whole Athens until it stretches out to the sea.  I'll post some pictures later since we all now what the Parthenon looks like anyway. heheh...(feeling a bit lazy).

When i came back home, two more people had arrived, so we chatted and watched tv for a bit until it was time for dinner.  I had a nice dinner with one of my studio mates at a cafe in Plaka, which was about 5 minutes walk away, and the area was so lively with music and chatter.

It's now 2.30 am and i'm too nervous to sleep in case i don't wake up to catch my 6.45am bus to the port tomorrow morning.  Wish I was an heiress and i had a helicopter that would drop me off anytime i like. hehehe.  Everyone's asleep already and we said our goodbyes, and i've taken all my stuff into the living room so i don't disturb anyone tomorrow morning when i leave.  I'm going to sleep on the couch tonight, if i can sleep at all.

So, though i'm bummed out that i didn't get to go to Sounio, i guess i was also quite happy that everything else i did didn't cost me much.  Otherwise it would have been 6 euros for the museum, and 12 euros for the Acropolis.  Kira lah sendiri how much that would be in RM. boleh lunch for one week in KL.  I'm being a bit cost-conscious now since i don't know if i will need to fork out any money for my apartment repairs back home (boohoo!!)

I'm quite excited to get to Skopelos.  I'm imagining an idle week with not much touristy things to see.  Might get a bit boring since i will be by myself, but i got my book, my gadgets, and my movies i can watch for the next 6 days.  I will take the bus Agios Konstantinos tomorrow morning, and the connecting ferry will take me to Skopelos from there.  Coming back, I will take a ferry a day earlier to the neighboring island Skiathos, and take an Olympic Airline flight back to Athens.  It costs about the same, ferry + bus combo or flying, i decided to fly because i can't get a confirmation on the ferry schedules on the day i was supposed to leave for London.  I've learned not to give all my trust to the Greek transportation system, and i don't really want to get stuck on an island, however lovelythe idea might sound to other people.

Don't know if i will have internet there.  But i'll try my medium best to keep in touch.  Adio!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm ok now

After posting that depressing entry yesterday, i went out again, and made my way to Lykavitos Hill.  I thought i'd take a stroll from the hostel to the funicolare, but what i found out later was that i should have saved the energy for the climb up to reach the funicolare station itself!!  A steep climb uphill, then a few more steps, loads of huffing and puffing later, i reached the station only to find that you could actually take a bus or taxi to that point!  Bugger, why do i always do this to myself? haha...anyway, the ride up cost me about 6 euros return, and the view was spectacular.  I went near sunset, so there were plenty of people there, but not too many that it was uncomfortable. Regret a bit that i sent my tripod home from Munich, but i guess the Acropolis was a bit further than 200mm could reach anyway.  I'll post more pictures soon, coz i'm too damn lazy right now.

Today i set out to sort my bus and ferry tickets for Monday,  then went to find the recommended Indian food place down in the Omonia district.  Down that street, was little India, and maybe little Africa, and as soon as i walked into the cafe, all the men in there waved to ask me to sit next to them.  I'm not saying this coz i feel hot, i WAS the only girl in the cafe, and the chicken was halal.  I had a huge serving of nasi beryani ayam, some chickpea curry, salad, fries and a pepsi, all for 2.50 Euros!  I'd definitely go there again, but i'll be sure to bring some friends with me next time.

After lunch i idled around, sat at a cafe to read a book, while trying to decide whether or not to head for the coast.  I somehow ended up in an archeological site near my hostel, where the Hadrian Arch and Temple of Olympian Zeus is while i was looking for the first ever Olympic Stadium.  I then sat again at another cafe for a milkshake, and at 5pm finally decided that i would head to the coast and see what's there.  I went to the end of the tram line, Volous, and headed back, stopping at Glyphada to catch the sunset.  Glorious glorious sunset!

sunset at Glyphada Beach
sunset @ Glyphada Beach, Athens.

Then i headed back to town, had a sandwich, and went back to the hostel.  Nak buat laundry tak jadi, nak edit gambar tak jadi.  It's 3.20 AM now, and 2 young ladies just walked in smelling of booze. Argh.  Just as i was finally feeling settled in, having shared travel stories with an aussie and argentinian.

Lapar la pulak, better sleep.  I'm heading to Cape Sounio tomorrow, wish me luck!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Bored in Athens

guess what. it's Labor Day today, and everything is closed! Can't even get a tour outside of Athens for tomorrow because apparently everybody is going off on a long weekend.

Went for a walk up to the Acropolis, but guess what, it's apparently closed for archeologists to do their digging work.  cheh.  so i walked around the area, snapping photos, had some nice greek salad and walked to the National Archeological Museum, about 2 km north of the Acropolis area.  Guess what, the museum was closed as well! bosan betul.

So here i am, at 4pm, back in my room.  Tomorrow is only going to be Saturday, and then Sunday, then i gotta figure out a way to get to Skopelos, ferry schedules still not out yet, and i'm getting nervous by the hour.  Apparently the bus leaves Athens for the port at 6.45am, so i guess one must really want to get to the Sporades Islands to want to wake up at this ungodly hour.

I'm hoping it will be better than Athens.  Athens is nice and sunny, but the dust is getting to me.  It's a lively, graffiti laden city, and it feels like you're walking through an archeological site every corner you turn. I don't know what i was expecting really.  I enjoyed Italy a lot last year, maybe i was expecting a similar experience.  Maybe i should read my guide book a bit more to see what else i could do here.

Jetlagged in Athens

Left the house around 12 noon.  Took the easyBus from Fulham Broadway to Gatwick for about 7 pounds, got my lotion confiscated at security because i was so kalut that i forgot i had the lotion in my handbag.  Had a sandwich, and set out to look for another small bottle of lotion inside the airport.  Didn't realize that the gate was quite a bit of a walk....!! i saw the departure monitors flashing "Flight Closing" for my flight, and walked as fast as i could to the gate.  A couple of walkalators and a few escalators away, i arrived at gate 107, only to find that they haven't even boarded any passengers yet..chis...!  Anyway the flight was smooth, except that i didn't realize when i decided to come to Athens, that the flight was going to be 3.5 hours long!

Arrival was smooth as well, and i took the X95 bus as instructed by the hostel to Syntagma Square, and the metro to the Acropolis.  I booked this small apartment called Athens Studios where i have to share with 5 other people, and boy do they pack us up in here! It's quite nice though, except that I thought there was free wifi, but in fact there's free ADSL, but you need a LAN cable.  And all my fellow travellers here are just like me, with our little netbooks and all, waiting our turn to use the LAN cable.  Anyway, they're all asleep now, and I'm still wide awake since it's only 11pm in London.

Speaking of which, the last two days in London passed by so quickly, that by the time i had to leave London, i was regretting the decision to take this little break to Athens.  I did go for Taza on tuesday, yummy yummy!!

Taza chicken shawarma, Queensway

After the kebab, i went to Whiteley's on a mission to find a nice backpack to put my camera gear + notebook in, since i've realized carrying the sling bag around is such a pain in the shoulder!! Found a good one for a reasonable price, and i started walking on Bayswater Road, down Notting Hill, down Holland Park Road, and the next thing i realized was that i was in front of that new gigantic shopping mall Westfield!!  The thing i would never do back home: wander aimlessly for 4 kilometers, on foot. heheh. well to be fair, i knew i was heading west back to Ealing, so at least i had a goal in mind. hahaha...

Yesterday i took my nephew for a walk, he pushed his little trolley speaking gibberish while i pretended to understand what he was saying.  Then i took off for some oxygen treatment at Kew Garden, and damn that place is lovely...! 13 pounds to get in though, a bit steep i must say. (jangan convert....)  If only i was a bit more interested in plants...hahaha

Kew Palace

I got attacked by two ducks while i sat on the grass to have my sandwich.  I wasn't sure if the duck would eat a chicken sandwich, so i threw some bread for them.  Those ducks scared the hell out of me!

Quack Attack, Kew Garden

I also saw a giant petai at one of the exhibitions.  Told the botanists that we have a similar plant back home, and one could eat it.  She said this one came from South America, and they usually make jewelry out of the beans.  Check out the picture!

Giant Petai, Kew Garden

Headed back to Ealing at the end of the day, had some yucky fish & chips near the train station.  I had that about 3 years ago, i know the fish is no good at all, but i still went anyway.  I don't know why i always do that to myself. heheheh.

It's 1.30 AM in Athens right now, and i'm not sleepy at all.  I'm contemplating sleeping on the couch, since the thought of having to climb up the bunk bed is not tempting at all.

I miss my couch in London.