Monday, November 23, 2009

perbalahanku dengan pihak berkuasa - season finale

after over a year, 4 days of wasted annual leave, 4 afternoons spent at the PJ Magistrate Court and several trips to the PJ Traffic Police HQ, my case is finally over today. It was about a traffic offense that became an arrest warrant that I supposedly committed back in August 2007. So today, the police attorney decided to cancel the ticket and warrant, due to the fact that they could not find the ticket in their archives, and also the 2nd police witness was not contactable (or not contacted at all, who cares).

what an absolutely fruitful way to waste time. muahaha.

i haven't been on the treadmill for 3 days now. went for a walk and run at the KJ park yesterday, and only lasted 1km before it started drizzling (the running bit was where i had to run back to the car to avoid getting soaked. hehe..) i'm in week 4 now, i had my 1st day of week 4 sometime mid last week, the drill was to Walk 5 minutes, 2 sets of (jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 min, jog 5 mins, walk 2.5 mins). I set the treadmill incline to 0.5, and cheated the last 5 minute run because it was too hard. I'll have to do it over, maybe slow down the pace so I can finish the whole thing. Feeling quite good since I started exercising regularly again. My usually low blood pressure went into the normal range (~95/70 to 112/72), and my usually high resting heart rate went down from 90 to 74. I'm quite happy about this particular achievement. I haven't lost any weight though, but I guess as long as I feel energetic and well, it doesn't really matter.


Saturday, November 07, 2009


after what i thought was the record breaking finishing work at 11pm on wednesday night, i broke another one by leaving at 4.30am on friday morning. lucky for me, my house is just a few minutes drive away. everytime i feel like complaining, i think about how lucky i've been, that i very rarely have to pull all-nighters for work purposes - although i probably spend 120 nights a year pulling all nighters for my own personal purposes, e.g. edit gambar, watching tv shows, etc etc. hehe.

i came back at 11 am to help them make some last minute changes, printed out the stuff and went home. then i slept. and now i'm wide awake, window shopping on

got a party photoshoot on a putrajaya cruise tomorrow night. should be interesting! just a bit worried that my photos will all be shakey from the boat movement. hmm.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

8 weeks to 2010

dang, the older i get, the faster i feel time flies. scary shit.

i need another holiday, pronto. but can't do much with 0.5 day left from my annual leave. can't wait for the long weekends we'll get end of november up to end of the year. Raya Haji, Sultan Selangor's birthday, awal muharram, christmas and new year (awesome, eh?)

been staying late at work these days. tonight was the record, 11pm. and there were still people trying to finish up when i left. kasihan mereka. i want to say i'd like to break the record of coming early for once, but i think i broke that already one day when i arrived at 7.45am (because i didn't sleep the whole night). heheh.

I've also started going on the treadmill again. 3rd attempt at Couch to 5K in a year. My first attempt was late last year, which was interrupted by the Phi Phi island trip. hehe. Then it was interrupted by my apartment terbakar-europe trip-finishing mba paper hoo ha. I started again a couple of weeks ago, in a fitness paranoia streak. I went out and bought that Nike+ sport kit thing, hooked up the sensor on my shoe lace and started running. For some reason that little thing on my shoe is driving my motivation now, although not surprising since I'm a creature of graphs and data. I'm pretty sure that the sensor is clocking more mileage than what i actually cover, since the numbers were pretty off compared to the treadmill. But who cares, i'm just competing against myself, and if that illusion makes me want to do more, more power to me! hehehe..I'm now on week 2, so we'll see if i make it to week 9 this time round.

wokeys, need to try and sleep now for another long day tomorrow.