Tuesday, March 30, 2004


i think i ate too much in the past two days. seminars at hotels are very bad for me. they feed you when you arrive, then there's the 10.30 break, then lunch, then another break at 3.30. the food is always so yummy that you won't be able to resist.

must re-activate my gym membership soon.

cat update: i haven't been able to put up pictures of the kittens i wanted to give up for adoption. maybe next week, ok.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Shattered Glass

saw Shattered Glass, starring Hayden Christensen, Chloe Sevigny, etc. Great movie, especially for aspiring journalists/reporters. could be applicable to bloggers, perhaps? and it's also a true story. it is usually quite difficult to get an entertaining true story. It's about Stephen, a successful journalist...turns out he actually invented his reports. it was very interesting to watch how he got caught..as the story unravels. Hayden seems to look better than when he was in Star Wars. heh heh...mmm.
I'm on my way to becoming the Shattered Me. Due to my most efficient procrastinating skills, I have managed to not start the two papers I'm supposed to submit next weekend. On top of that, I have my exam to study for. must.....start......papers.......too....lazy.......ZZZZzzzzZZzzzzZzzzz

Kittens for Adoption

I'm not too sure how many people visit this site regularly, but just in case.

I have 3 female kittens to give away (free). They are regular short-haired kittens, and they're almost 3 months old. Very cute, although can be a bit noisy sometimes...they like to meow a lot.

If you're interested, or know of anybody who might be interested, you can email me at garamcomel@yahoo.com

I will post pictures of them soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

10 Things I Hate Most About KL Roads

was out late. on my way home, i made a list of things I hate most on KL roads.

things i hate most:
  1. the traffic jam

  2. honking when the traffic light just turned green a split second ago

  3. honking when the traffic light is still red

  4. driving at about 10kmph on the fast lane

  5. driving to close behind me (remedy: hitting the brakes should scare them off)

  6. stupid, selfish, kiasu drivers who cut queues

  7. drivers in the car next to you giving you "the look" when stopping at the traffic lights

  8. suped-up kancils and satrias carrying Barisan Nasional flags (whatever man....)

  9. the sound of kapchai motorbikes racing on the roads

  10. the sound of kapchai motorbikes racing on the roads
really, i can't stand those motorbikes. "preeettttt-preeeetttt"-ing on the roads...arrgghhh!!! it just drives me nuts! on my journey home, as me and my friend were complaining about those bikes, we passed by a bike lying on the middle of the road, underneath the Bangsar LRT. must've gone down shortly before we passed. the riders were standing at the side, waiting for the road to clear before they can pick up their kapchai. ahh...the satisfaction! it's evil, i know, but that should teach them a lesson.

Friday, March 19, 2004

cat update

As I was driving down my street just now, I saw a cat crossing the road. Orange color. It reminded me of another cat that went missing a few months before Garam. It was called Owen, went missing when it was about 3 months old. I stopped and got out of the car, to check the cat out. When I got nearer to it, it didn't try to escape like the other cats in the neighborhood do. Instead it walked up to me, purring pleasantly. It strangely looked like Owen. Owen had the same crooked tail, the same pattern on its forehead, and the same habit of playfully biting my hands. The exact shade of orange fur. Only heavier...much heavier than what could be its siblings at home. I played with it for another good couple of minutes, then looked across the street to find a neighbor watching me from her balcony. Worried that she might think that I'm crazy, I reluctantly got back into my car and continued my drive to dinner.

I would like to believe that the cat was, in fact, Owen. It really did looked like her. I feel much better, at least now I know that she's in safe hands, eating its way to become the next Garfield. Thank you, God.

Owen at about 3 months old.

william hung

William Hung...we all know who he is. For those who don't, he was the guy who got totally thrashed at the American Idol auditions (although I don't understand how you could miss this piece of news). How did he become famous? I have no clue. Check out his videos at www.williamhung.net...i'll bet you, you won't have a clue either. However, since it was aired, I have never been able to get that awful "she bangs!! she bangs!!" tune out of my head. I can't even remember what Ricky Martin's version sounds like anymore.

Whatever it is that Will used, it was definitely effective. Powerful. This is how I believe William Hung acquired his fame:
- make people cringe by bad singing and highly uncoordinated moves
- get judges to make horrible comments
- show a relaxed attitude
- generate sympathy from public
- get best friend to distribute videos on the Net
- generate admiration
- accomplish mission of having truckloads of fans

To become famous, does someone need to be on either side of the spectrum? Which means, either you are really good, or really really bad? Well, I'm sure no one aspires to become famous because he is the worst singer in the world. But if it's just fame you're after, why not??

His jet-speed way to fame made me ponder upon the possibilities that he could have been a part of the show's selling strategy. Could it be?

All in all, hurrahh for William Hung!! he walks like he talks and he talks like he walk....he bangs!! he bangs!!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

ho bisogno un "challenge" (i need a challenge)

day at work was dull today. then, as if reading my mind, a friend forwarded me an interesting site: Employment Characteristics.

here are some of my results:
8 - Good with details and with a methodical approach, this person nevertheless is someone who enjoys constant new challenges to maintain her interest. This person is a methodical individual with attention to detail, but is inclined to leave tasks unfinished if her active mind alights on something of greater interest. Routine tasks that fail to challenge the intellect are at greatest risk, so this person needs a job that offers variety.

The arrow of activity (numbers 7, 8 and 9) - Enjoying the outdoors, this person is someone who will perform best by being busy. This person dislikes confined spaces, and needs both physical and mental exercise. A good walk in fresh air is an intellectual catalyst like no other to this person, whose need to be constantly occupied is an asset to any employer.

the description above is quite accurate. gosh, how long have I been in Project Blackhole? how long can one stand doing what I do now? what if in time, i get comfortable with this arrangement? i do NOT want to become a person who's dried out of ambition. i need a challenge! pronto!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

wonderful day

i'm now extremely stuffed with sweet and sour crabs, and chicken wings. my kind friends treated me for dinner at Fatty Crab...my first time there. It was absolutely yummy!! day went normally, with a few birthday wishes every now and then. i didn't receive any of my birthday wishes though...oh well. but i did get some cool stuff, e.g. a little bear, photo frame, candle holders, a marlboro collectible, etc. Oooh!! come to think of it...i DID get wish #2 partly fulfilled. Got a diamond car polishing service, and a CD player for my car!!! (Now all i have to do is fix the crap speakers...hehehe...). people are v. thoughtful (note to self: must record their birthdays in my Palm), i would actually be happy enough if a completed thesis fell from the sky for me. yahaha!! many thanks to those who wished me (though it will be a while until u guys find this site).

Monday, March 15, 2004


i will be another year older soon. i will no longer be in the MTV age group. i will cease to be in the "just started working" statistical age group. my birthday wishes will be as follows:
  1. To become more knowledgeable about worldly issues

  2. All the problems with my car gets magically fixed (for free!)

  3. I no longer have to attend classes

  4. My completed thesis falls from the sky

  5. My cats to learn the basics of cleaning the litter tray. Or better yet, use the toilet and flush it after

  6. The super glue that has been stuck on my fingers for the past 2 hours to disappear (from an attempt to become my own cobbler)
There you go...hope that's not too much to ask for.

my brother's tribute to Garam

picture courtesy of my brother. if you're starting to get bored of my posts about Garam, go read other blogs. muhahah

Sunday, March 14, 2004


Just finished observing my 6 month old kitten, Cookie, milking from its mum, trying to fight for milk with 5 other 7-week old kittens. Iyergh!! Cookie is as big as its mum!! Why do I find that disturbing? I'll post pictures later.

Anyway, I went to see "Buli" just now. Starring Afdlin Shauki, Nasha and Hans Isaac. Quite an OK movie, if you were to compare it with other Malay movies. Slapstick elements still there - I guess it's the nature of every Malay comedy. Oh well...all in all, Buli is a funny number. My only complain is the two girls seated next to me. Why can't they just bloody watch the movie? Do they have to repeat every single line that was said? Was it necessary to try to explain every small act that happened in the movie? And jeez, do have some courtesy not to 'bersila' on the seat, unless you are 500% certain that your feet don't smell!! euwww!

Then there are some people who bring their kids into the cinema, and let the kids run up and down the stairs, and in front of the screen. What's up with that? If I wanted to watch kids running, I could go to the playground. Do parents today impose less control than our parents? When I was a child, I didn't remember my brothers and me running around in department stores. Seriously, I can't stand watching kids screaming up and down supermarket aisles while their parents nonchalantly pick up their groceries. Why!!!!?!!!

OK, enough complaining. Hope my children don't turn out like those wild, uncontrollable little ones.

Better sleep, got class tomorrow (while everybody else is enjoying their weekend)......malasnya!!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Winter Sonata

The Korean TV drama....at first, I didn't understand what the rage was all about. Colleagues rushing home every evening to catch the show. Friends telling me about the buckets of tears they cried. The lengthy discussions about Jun-Sang, U-jinn, etc. I thought, haven't these people got better things to do with their time? How judgmental of me.

Months after the show ended, friends were still talking about it. In the end, my curiosity got the better out of me. I borrowed the VCDs from a from a friend who's probably watched the series about 20 times. The first two CDs were slow, but after that, I was hooked. HOOKED!! There were 20 episodes altogether, about 1 hour per episode. Finished it in 3 nights. Quite obviously, I too did not have better things to do with my time. Haha.

The series were basically about first loves. Jun-Sang and U-Jinn met in high school, where U-Jinn, a friendly and cheerful girl, met Jun-Sang, a cynical and mysterious boy. They fell in love, but their affair was cut short when Jun-Sang had an accident and died. U-Jinn painfully carried on with her life, made better by Siang-Chi, her childhood friend. 10 years later, on the eve of her engagement to Siang-Chi, she saw a man who looked like Jun-Sang on the streets of Korea. It turned out that the guy she saw was Min-Xiang, a guy she eventually had to work with in a project at work. Min Xiang and U-Jinn developed feelings for each other, and twist upon twist happened. Whether Min Xiang is actually Jun-Sang, whether U-Jinn and Jun-Sang share the same father, and so on. (I won't tell you the whole story in case you decide to watch it on your own)

I was almost sorry when it ended, 'almost' being the operative word here because by then I was losing a serious amount of sleep. I now understand the craze over Winter Sonata. It was a 20-hour emotional rollercoaster that constantly induces your curiosity. And of course, Jun-Sang's mysteriousness that every girl dreams for, paired with U-Jinn's vulnerability that brings the protector in every man.

For more on Winter Sonata, go to www.wintersonata.com

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

la mia vita

la mia vita non è una vita buona. soppratutto questa settimana. perché? non lo so!! in primo luogo, il mio ragazzo non è qui. secondamente, la mia macchina ha dei problemi. ho bisogno di molto denaro!!! oggi, ho speso appena RM700 sulla mia macchina. blarrgh!!

ignore me...just polishing up my italian. the semesters of learning will go to waste if i don't practice.