Sunday, April 29, 2007

lights, girls, action!

my last shot, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i went to the Ultimate Street Tuners Carnival last night, replacing a friend who was supposed to take photographs there. The cars were interesting, but the major attraction (i think) was the Dancing Girls! There were too many men with SLRs around, photographing the car models and the dancing girls. i would post up a picture of the crowd cheering, but i don't want any of the men to get into trouble. hehe. thank god i had my Photographer pass so I could walk freely in front of the stage to shoot, away from the sweaty men and the wild crowd.

the event went on until 1AM, but i left early because my feet were hurting from 3 hours of walking around in 2.5 inch heels with my photo gear. i usually do that when i'm taking pictures in large crowds to gain the height, but i guess considering the tarred parking lot, it was a bad choice.

so, you car tuning freaks...check out the event! it's at the Stadium Bukit Jalil Car Park B, and it ends tomorrow night! for more info, checkout their website here.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

after sleeping at 6AM...

checking scores, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i woke up too early.

bothered by the noise coming from the school in front and incoming smses on my phone.

the person who was mc-ing the event was the noisiest bit, she had a laugh like a hyena. remind me to put on earplugs before going to sleep on the weekend next time.

a picture for you. the two MCs cackling about while the kids watch the people near the board update the scores. muddy day at the field today from the storm the night before.

i know it's going to be a bad day today.

Friday, April 27, 2007

A Leopard called Manja

thinking...what's for dinner?, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i went to the zoo on my day off, and spent 3 hours hanging about the big cats' enclosures. The puma gave birth to 3 cubs, unfortunately i came too late in the afternoon, so i missed it. The 3 cubs were the cutest things on earth! Attempted to take some pictures, but the cubs were too far away, so the pictures came out shaky..:-(

Lovely day.

more pictures of Manja the Leopard and Rocky the Bengal Tiger on my flickr.

Monday, April 23, 2007

i got punked

excerpt from

Millions lost in e-invest scam

PENANG: Thousands of people nationwide are believed to have lost several million ringgit in an Internet “investment” scheme known as buy-e-barrel which has closed down abruptly.

Investors have been unable to log onto their online accounts over the past two weeks.

read more here...

I'm not proud to declare that I am one of the thousands who were cheated. Not by e-barrel, but by another scheme at Don't bother clicking on the link because it doesn't work anymore. How can a person like me get cheated like that? Hey, you never try, you never know. Now if you read my previous posting on the outrageous lawyer fees, you must think I'm crazy and contradicting. hehehe...

Why am I laughing? Because when i gave that money away, it was money I was prepared to lose (plus it wasn't that much). I remember writing it off in my books that day. Still, it doesn't stop me from wishing that the crook would get caught, rot in jail and in hell. The crook is probably vacationing in the Carribeans now, having a party. Lucky bastard.

all I can say is, it was a lesson learned for me.

Fashion on 1

Topshop Model, originally uploaded by nadi0.

woke up at 2.30pm, lazed in front of the TV and started to feel hungry about 1 hour later. so i got ready to go out, with no destination in mind, and camera bag in the backseat.

called a friend, who said he's on the way to One Utama, and i suddenly remembered The Fashion on 1 thing going on at OU and it's the last day today.

i took some pictures of very good looking men. among the many other photographers there, i had some inferiority complex looking at their canggih equipment, although i kept reminding myself that it's not the equipment, it's the subject, and the photographer that are more important. yeah, whatever...i still want that fast telephoto!

then i stopped by Damansara Perdana to capture the sunset, and after dinner came home to capture the moon.

what a day.

Friday, April 20, 2007


sunset @ KJ, originally uploaded by nadi0.

here's my interpretation of the doctor's rest, relax and take a lot of vitamin C. chilling around my housing area photographing orange sunsets that remind me of enormous vitamin C pills.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

lawyer2 yang outrageous

i am refinancing my home.

so part of the process is for the new bank's lawyers to request for a letter of undertaking from the old bank's lawyers. the old lawyers asked me to pay RM105 in "Professional Fees" in order to produce the letter.

come on....40-50 bucks, i can understand. But RM105?? what the fuck? i could buy a polarizing filter with that kind of money. dia kena draft balik ke letter tu? I'm sure there's already an available template where all they need to do is type in my name and several other details.

maybe i don't understand what goes on in the lawyers office, but from my point of view, mencekik darah betul.

friggin' outrageous.

bone marrow update

hi gang,

doc called me this morning and told me that my bone marrow is free from blast cells.

Alhamdulillah. the last time i did a biopsy they detected 2% blast cells in the marrow. I was a bit worried about the percentage increasing to beyond 5% which is when the doctors will start worrying.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

another long day at the hospital

...and a complete waste of time, i might add.

waited for over 5 hours to see the doctor, and it turned out that the clinic couldn't trace my bone marrow biopsy results. the nurses can't find it, and the lab said they have no record of it. so what was the big fat bandaid doing on my back 2 weeks ago?? crappetty crap. doc thinks i'm mad at her, which i am positively not. i'm freakin' angry at the system they are forced to deal with day in and day out. and this is not the first time it happened to me. really, what the hell is going on in there?

and what's with the 5 hour wait? ingat orang takde kerja lain nak buat ke? the stress level i have to endure waiting, dah lepas the level recommended by the doctor, i think!!

deep breaths...deep breaths....on a more positive note, my blood counts were back to normal today compared to 2 months ago. WBC 5.3, Hb 11.3, Platelets 178, alhamdulillah. The doctor told me to take the rest of the week off to rest at home to avoid getting any more viral infections from my surroundings.

let's hope that my bone marrow results are as good as my blood counts. :-)


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

orange sunset @ Batu Dam

orange sunset @ Batu Dam, originally uploaded by nadi0.

In the hoo-ha of Pencarian Lelaki Maskulin, i totally forgot about where i went the day before.

Only 15 minutes away from the Batu Caves exit on MRR2, this serene place is perfect for relaxing. Bring a picnic mat, some books and just chill. Or in my case, take photographs la. hehe...

How to get there: From MRR2, exit at Batu Caves and drive towards Ulu Yam and Genting Highlands.

Monday, April 16, 2007

KL Skyline HDR

KL Skyline HDR, originally uploaded by nadi0.

After the event and some coffee, I went up to Level 9 of the parking lot to get a few shots of this to generate a HDR image. not bad, eh?

Riz - winner of Pencarian Lelaki Maskulin 2007

wooohoo!, originally uploaded by nadi0.

Held at Berjaya Times Square yesterday afternoon. Riz was selected via sms votes and judges as the winner of Pencarian Lelaki Maskulin 2007. He looked nervous and dazed throughout the event though...haha.

Wegra, myself, arianna, raz and her sisters and riz's parents all went to hand him some moral support. woohoo!

Congrats Riz!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

HKL charging for parking

went to the hospital today for an abdominal ultrasound, and guess what? the hospital has started to charge for parking. First 15 minutes free, first 2 hours RM2, and RM 1 for subsequent hours.

which would've been a great idea if there were actually parking available. it looks slightly less crowded, the introduction of the parking fees probably weeded out the free-riders who were parking there for free and taking the LRT or Monorail to their workplace.

my abdominal organs look normal, the ultrasound lady told me. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, April 09, 2007

sunset @ Batu Caves

sunset @ Batu Caves, originally uploaded by nadi0.

for your viewing pleasure. i hope you like it!


Friday, April 06, 2007

a pic for you...

moon over millenium bridge, originally uploaded by nadi0.

from me in my state of dis-inspiration (is that a word?)

can you tell what it is?

it's the moon peeping through the millenium bridge in putrajaya. yay!

the loveliest thing about going on these trips alone is the peace and quiet you get. though you get the occasional stranger trying to chat you up, asking questions about photography etc etc. hello, do i look like i drove all the way there to chat to people I don't know? but being the polite malay that i am, i layan aja lah...until i can find a reason to politely excuse myself, like, "ok...i'm going over there coz the moon looks bigger on that side. nice talking to you." hehehe.


Thursday, April 05, 2007


fever, cold, cough.

have u ever faced one of those times where you feel uninspired? all you want to do is lie in bed. you're too lazy to write about anything, you can't be arsed to take any photographs, you eat but you're not actually eating, you work but you're not actually working, you watch TV but you're not actually concentrating on anything. the only things you actually do properly is sleep and laze on the couch.

man...i hope whatever bug that's eating me right now goes away soon. it feels like i've been sedated all week.

had my bone marrow biopsy yesterday. as usual the last thing i remember is the nurse injecting saline and dormicum. the next thing i remember was waking up on my couch at home with a sore back. hopefully the results come back as good as always.