Monday, August 25, 2008

daus the hensem

DSC_5797 copy, originally uploaded by nadi0.

my friend daus, braved the crowd at Lepaq, performed Across the Universe - made popular by The Beatles. I'm sure lots of girls in the crowd fell in love that night.

nothing much has been going on in life otherwise, i lepak and Lepaq too much, i went to Redang, i had a bone marrow biopsy and the results came back great, i'm going to Krabi this week, and i've gotten back my passion for photography (i think..haha..).


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh dear, it's 3.30AM

...and i cannot sleep.

i read my book. i tossed and turned. i tried to imagine a peaceful beach, hot sun. i turned on the Playstation, thinking i'd play some guitar hero, but i turned it off again since i am pretty sure that it would be a bad idea. i am now back in front of my computer, and have nothing else to do.

i saw Smart People today, and i'm feeling nostalgic.
i had the sloppiest burger in town tonight, and i'm feeling terribly guilty.
i heard a name, and it made me just plain uneasy.

i'm in the state of unrest. i need this island trip a.s.a.p.
away from this routine i've slipped myself into.
yes. an adventure. that's what i need, again.