Friday, June 27, 2008

The Lady in the Palazzo

I've been reading this book since the past few weeks, regretting that i didn't stop by Orvieto while i went on my Italian escape. Although there were no pictures in the book, the descriptions of the food the writer and her friends were eating made me drool. Although the book really wasn't all about food..hehe. No wonder I still can't fit into some of my clothes.

Ok, to tell you the truth, I signed up with Amazon Associates, and i really just want to see how it actually works. heheee. Hence the pathetic excuse of a book review in the paragraph above. I do apologize. hehe

let's see, shall we?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

kerja dan orang hensem

DSC_3221, originally uploaded by nadi0.

aiyoh, my stomach is so full. plus i think the rooibos tea i had a couple of days ago, is detoxing my body, so my stomach isn't doing so well lately.

today was a work day. interesting stuff in the day, but the night was much better. had dinner with a beautiful man, unfortunately with his parents, brother, my boss and a few other people. hahaha. i'm not joking, he was really really handsome ok, with his blue eyes, tanned skin, 6 feet tall frame, chiseled cheekbones...shit am i starting to sound like a cheesy romance novel? at first glance i thought he was ashton kutcher walking into the restaurant. yes, he was that beautiful. hahahahaa. as we were all chatting at the table, he mentioned something about the food at his dorm. dorm??? kuang kuang kuang...that was the end of my fantasy. kekeke

the meeting went on a bit too long today, that i missed an opportunity to shoot the sunset, which i believe must have been beautiful. as we drove out of the office building, i could see the moon rising, huge and low. and on the other side, the skyline was a gradient of orange and deep blue, a sight i rarely see back home nowadays.

damn i wish i was here on a holiday instead. hehe.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DSC_3184, originally uploaded by nadi0.

I had the afternoon off today, and took a guided tour to the Soweto Township. I was expecting coming out of the tour feeling depressed, but to be honest, i felt a bit sad, but not depressed. The township looked OK actually, although the old Soweto looked pretty rough. I'm not going to write about the details of what i learned today. Interesting as it was, it was a 5 hour tour, and i can't really remember every detail of it. hehe.

We went round the township, listening to the tourguide telling his stories. We ended up at a museum commemorating a 13 year old boy who was killed in the protest against Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in schools in 1976. The witness testimonials were very very sad, i thought. We then went round to checkout Mandela's house before we made our way back, in the after office rush hour.

I was freakin' hungry and thirsty when i arrived at the hotel. I hadn't eaten since 8am this morning, and all i had to drink was two cups of coffee. Wanted to walk to the mall, but it was already almost 7pm, and the receptionist said it was OK to go out, but i'd have to return before 9pm to be safe. takpe lah...makan kat hotel aja. After that trip to Soweto, I think i'll reserve another adventure for another day.

damn...Italy 1, France 0 so far. viva italia!!!! woohoo!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jo'burg, Groceries & Sex & the City

Nelson Mandela Statue, originally uploaded by nadi0.

right..i'm now in South Africa. for work. but the yesterday and today were just spent hanging out with my college friend Lisa. I'm now checked into my hotel in Centurion, which is halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. There's supposed to be a lake somewhere, but honestly, I couldn't see it, and i'm not about to risk my safety by walking outside alone. This room i'm in is OK, but for ~RM400 a night, i know i could stay in better hotels in KL. hehehe.

i arrived at about 5am Sunday (yesterday), met up with Lisa at the airport and had breakfast while we wait for her mom to arrive from Hong Kong. We then spent the day with her dad, since it was father's day, and went back home to watch Taiwanese reality singing shows. haha. i was tired by 8pm, naturally, since South Africa is 6 hours behind Malaysia. So we had snacks for dinner, and i fell asleep watching Russell Peters on DVD.

I love the weather! It's about 18-20 degrees in the day, just nice enough not to have to put on a heavy winter jacket. Since the weather was so nice, we ended up spending the whole day today in a shopping mall. hahaha...first i went to the grocery store to buy grocery, for myself. heeheee..things like nando's peri-peri marinade, risotto rice, south african chocolates, rooibos tea, south african biscuits, etc. hehe..nice eh? after the lunch at nando's came the highlight of my trip. Sex & the City baybehhh!! Since it looks like the movie will never be shown in the theaters back home, i guess this is my only chance. The movie was as good as I expected..woohoo! There were some pretty annoying people around me who felt the need to make additional commentaries as the movie went on. Rasa macam nak tell them to shut up, but i was also worried i might get shot i kept my mouth shut and tried to enjoy the movie as best as i possibly could.

Need to text Mr Boss soon to tell him that I'm checked in at the hotel. We might go find a game drive tomorrow before our meetings start. I brought my SLR with me, but so far that damned camera hasn't come out of my bag yet. I need to take some photos soon, otherwise I'd have carried it halfway across the world for nothing. kekeke

I'm tired already now, it's only 8pm. Not sure if i want to go down for dinner. Maybe i'll just have the biscuits i bought from the supermarket today.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Florence as i remember it

Florence, originally uploaded by nadi0.

Creamy crab risotto
Vivo Gelataria
Archi Rossi
Antico Noe sandwich shop
That lovely long walk to get to Piazzale Michelangelo

konon2 nak try edit gambar kasi macam painting. this was what i ended up with. hehehehe

i think you have to view it large to appreciate it better.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


the poor kittens died last weekend. perhaps from us not feeding them enough (susu Anlene low fat), perhaps they got suffocated by their mum in the cage. it was terrible, and i felt guilty as hell, but they're now in kitty heaven. :-(

went for my haemato checkup today. one of my doctors got a datukship. another one came back from his stay in germany. another is going to commence her stay in germany. all in all, things are looking pretty excellent, including my blood test results from today. i'm a month away from my 3 year transplant anniversary...alhamdulillah. i've been wanting to send a frame photo to each of them, but never got around to it. Maybe i'll do it soon, with the pictures i took from my recent travels. for without their help, i probably wouldn't even get to those places i went.

then at around 6, i was told that the petrol price is going to increase by 80 cents tomorrow. shite! apa lagi...gelabahly went out to find the least crowded petrol pump. gila betul. i didn't manage to fill up the tank on the banana boat, but since i don't really drive it that much these days, i wasn't too worried about it. i think since it last came out of the workshop earlier this year, i only filled up the petrol two or three times, even so i only filled up 20-30 bucks each time.

ok lah..sleep time. tomorrow got to work...goddamn, my home phone line is broken, so there's no streamyx connection. i'm "borrowing" my neighbour's wifi at the moment. Jiran sepakat membawa berkat, like they say. hehehee

ciao people!