Monday, June 16, 2008

Jo'burg, Groceries & Sex & the City

Nelson Mandela Statue, originally uploaded by nadi0.

right..i'm now in South Africa. for work. but the yesterday and today were just spent hanging out with my college friend Lisa. I'm now checked into my hotel in Centurion, which is halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. There's supposed to be a lake somewhere, but honestly, I couldn't see it, and i'm not about to risk my safety by walking outside alone. This room i'm in is OK, but for ~RM400 a night, i know i could stay in better hotels in KL. hehehe.

i arrived at about 5am Sunday (yesterday), met up with Lisa at the airport and had breakfast while we wait for her mom to arrive from Hong Kong. We then spent the day with her dad, since it was father's day, and went back home to watch Taiwanese reality singing shows. haha. i was tired by 8pm, naturally, since South Africa is 6 hours behind Malaysia. So we had snacks for dinner, and i fell asleep watching Russell Peters on DVD.

I love the weather! It's about 18-20 degrees in the day, just nice enough not to have to put on a heavy winter jacket. Since the weather was so nice, we ended up spending the whole day today in a shopping mall. hahaha...first i went to the grocery store to buy grocery, for myself. heeheee..things like nando's peri-peri marinade, risotto rice, south african chocolates, rooibos tea, south african biscuits, etc. hehe..nice eh? after the lunch at nando's came the highlight of my trip. Sex & the City baybehhh!! Since it looks like the movie will never be shown in the theaters back home, i guess this is my only chance. The movie was as good as I expected..woohoo! There were some pretty annoying people around me who felt the need to make additional commentaries as the movie went on. Rasa macam nak tell them to shut up, but i was also worried i might get shot i kept my mouth shut and tried to enjoy the movie as best as i possibly could.

Need to text Mr Boss soon to tell him that I'm checked in at the hotel. We might go find a game drive tomorrow before our meetings start. I brought my SLR with me, but so far that damned camera hasn't come out of my bag yet. I need to take some photos soon, otherwise I'd have carried it halfway across the world for nothing. kekeke

I'm tired already now, it's only 8pm. Not sure if i want to go down for dinner. Maybe i'll just have the biscuits i bought from the supermarket today.