Thursday, March 30, 2006


I was having a top day until 10 minutes ago. Now everything is ruined.

Too much laughing, now I'm crying. In front of the computer screen. Padan muka aku.

Because my finger so itchy I went and clicked on Mr Happy to be Unhappy's link of the shanghai girl abusing a kitten. Nope, I'm not going to link you to Mr H2bU's page because then you'll go and click on the link to watch the video. Nobody needs to be traumatized like that.

Damnit, now I can't get the image out of my mind. Of her heels digging into the kitten's throat. That asshole should be punished. Facing difficulties in life doesn't give you the right to abuse innocent animals. That poor kitten never did anything to her.

Damnit! damnit! damnit! *knocking my head on the desk to get that image out*

Hope your day ends better than mine.


Laughter is the best medicine.

Especially when it's at the expense of other people.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

M the Opera

My friend from company K got free musical tickets again, and invited me. This time for M the Opera. So, in my attempt to become a more cultured person, I accepted the invite.

It started off well. I got an excellent seat right smack in the middle of the hall. Very impressed.

20 minutes into the show, I turned to Friend and whispered, "what the hell is going on?" Friend whispered back, "gosh, I don't know." So we continued watching grown men and women in fancy clothes prancing around the stage. It felt similar to watching that weird freak musical at Sun City in South Africa in 2003. Can't remember now what it's called, but at least that freak musical had topless women in it (not that it matters to me, haha).

I would tell you what the musical was all about, but i just didn't get it. It was about a fashion designer, that is as much as I could tell you. It wasn't clear to me what the issues were, and how the characters felt about them. My high-school English Dramas had way more solid storylines compared to this. Well, maybe it's just me not being artsy fartsy enough.

Anyway, we couldn't bear having to sit through the second act, so we left during the intermission. Need I say more?

Next up: P Ramlee the Musical.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A few minutes later...

Lan, as always, offering his creative opinions.

*Yahoo IDs masked for privacy purposes.

Wings??? right....

Jalan Ampang Beggar

As I was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection of Jalan Ampang and Sultan Ismail today, a panicky looking dude tapped on my car window. I rolled down the window about 10cm wide, thinking he wanted to ask for directions. Instead...he asked me for money. RM50.

Mr : Miss, my car broke down in front, and i forgot my wallet. Can you spare me RM50?
Me : What for?
Mr : So I can take a taxi.
Me : Sorry Encik, I don't have RM50. (where on earth is he going with RM50 cab fare? Genting?)
Mr : How about RM20? I'll push the money back to you, I promise.
Me : Sorry Encik, RM20 pun I tak ada.
Mr : How much have you got? Any amount will do.
Me : Huh? I said I don't have any money, I'm sorry. (I have RM350 in my wallet, but I sure ain't giving it to you after that question, buddy.)
Mr : (looking very disappointed) Oh...ok thanks.

I drove off feeling bad about myself. What if the dude really needed the money? I could've at least given him RM2 for a bus ride. I drove along Sultan Ismail, keeping an eye for a stalled car, but the road came to an end and I didn't see any.

Told my friends about what happened, and one said that he's already been harassed like that twice. His description of the man was quite similar to mine. Jeez!

Thank God the traffic wasn't too bad, and I only felt bad for about 20 minutes. Thank God I didn't give the man a single cent. Thank God that friend was around to lift my guilt off.

The man asking for money is malay, mid-40s, skinny, greying hair, weird teeth. He's got a slight east coast accent to his English. Man, what is this city coming to?

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Apollo Bay, Australia

I was reading a book that asked the reader to think about their holiday, and this picture came to my mind.

Maybe next I should go cruise on the French Riviera.

That should be nice, eh?

Monday, March 20, 2006


Stress tahap 15%. Mainly infected by other people.

Things have been moving pretty fast at work over the past week. So these days I've got anxious people calling me to ask questions on the work that they're supposed to be doing. I guess it was partly my fault for not clearly explaining how things should be done.

But that's OK, because I always end my emails with, "Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding the standards." What I should add from now on is, "And please remain calm while doing so. Should you feel extreme anxiety towards the work that is to be completed, please refrain yourself from jumping off the Level 60 balcony."

Hmm...maybe our standards pack should come with a health warning, "Process Documentation Boleh Membahayakan Kesihatan." haha. always feels good to be doing something that has clear goals.


green chilli

my favourite snack. dipped in soy sauce. i could munch on a whole plate of this. last the weekend is over. I must admit I had loads of fun Yamseng-ing, eating and dancing. i just need to find time to recuperate sometime this week.

aight..have a good week ahead.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......mmmmmm senggg!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Me feeling overwhelmed

It's just one of those days where everything just doesn't seem to go the right way.

- accidentally deleted important work stuff (nasib ada tape backup)
- dropped 60% of the things i picked up
- said a bunch of things I wasn't supposed to say
- spent money on things I don't really need
- queued at the toll lane with 5 cars ahead of me, when there's an empty lane right next to it

then there are the events that I committed to attend for the next two days, which is going to leave me with no time to myself. yea, i know...nobody's forcing me to go to these events, but I want to. This "life is short" state of mind is starting to take a toll on me, perhaps.

So, I've created a list of the things i have to do and places i have to be at this weekend, and categorized them into "Do Now", "Delegate", "Diminish", "Defer" and "Delete". A tip I learned from The Mind Gym. For example:
- Burn CDs: Delegate to brother for RMxx tip
- French Homework: Diminish to half. Can do the rest while in class.
- Tidy up room: Defer to April
- Get some alone time: Defer to Tuesday night
- Sleep: Do Now

Nevermind this week, but in the future, i need to remember that life is short, but it's not THAT short that I have to do everything at once. That life is short, but it doesn't mean that i can't stop to think about what I'm doing and what I'm saying.

Ok, deep breaths....relax. I'm off to bed.
Have a good F1 weekend!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This time around...

It's that time of the year where I usually post a list of items that I want for being another year older.

This year, i'm just glad to be alive, up and walking.

I couldn't ask for anything more.


Well, actually, if I could get my tie-rods and steering rack magically fixed, that would be good too. My banana boat also needs to be up and running whaatt...hahaha! :-)

Bon anniversaire à moi.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I just wanted to make a note that I had a very satisfying day.

I completed the tasks at work that was supposed to complete today.
I had soto and Aji-Don's again, after a week long craving..with a couple of friends, gossiping and people-watching.

Pakmok's statement of the day: "Orang yang jalan bongkok are boring people. Orang yang jalan tegak are interesting people." O.K., whatever you say Pakmok.

I guess from this entry, you could tell that I'm a person who slouches. hehehe..

Friday, March 10, 2006

Checkup news

Blood counts normal, alhamdulillah. No news on the liver, since I only did my test yesterday. Doc said she would call today if there's anything important. No news is good news i guess, unless the doctor got too busy and forgot. heheh.

I'm off the ciclosporin now. They'll monitor in the next couple of months to see if i get any GVHD. My brother is scheduled to donate his white cells early next month, and they'll just store it until i need it for DLI.

While i was circling the hospital for parking, i saw a poster ad that said "Hari Ginjal Sedunia". Mum was driving too fast for me to snap a picture.

Ginjal. Hihi..! Doesn't the word sound funny? Ginjal. Ginjal Ginjal Ginjal. :-)

Ginjal in French is "le rein". Hmm..doesn't sound as funny.

Adios. Je vais faire mes devoirs de francaise. J'ai beaucoup des devoirs pour demain, parce'que samedi dernière we didn't have a class. (euh...est-ce que c'est juste?)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My attempt to pump enough nutrition into my body yesterday failed miserably. Before I had my transplant I used to drink that soy mixture twice a day. I've only taken it twice post transplant, mainly because the thing is so yucky that my body couldn't take it.

So yesterday morning, I decided to start on the soy mixture again. 2 hours later, I was wretching like mad. I left my friends halfway through lunch because I felt nauseous again. The lady at the premier toilet let me in for free after a short thought that maybe it would be worse if i puked right in front of the RM2 toilet. Note to KLCC: keep one toilet on the floor normal lah...takkan u nak expect people to climb to the other floor in the case of an emergency?

So, halfday, I got permission from boss to go home, and just slept and lied on my bed from 3pm to 10Am the next morning. Had a slight fever last night, probably from all the wretching.

But everything's good today. Back to normal self. I have my checkup tomorrow, hope everything goes well. :-)

Ciao tutti.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

magic brownie

Can I have a Magic Brownie please?
picture taken at a boulangerie at The Curve. ;-)

Want to sleep. Spent too much time shopping today.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I smell...

...nothing right.

Since I had my transplant, my sense of smell has shifted quite significantly. Things just don't smell the way I remember them anymore.

Perfumes all smell the same to me.
Shampoos smell yucky.
Chilli sauce smells like soap.
I could be standing behind a bus and not realize that the fume is blowing in my face.
I can't smell the aroma of KFC.
People fart around me and I don't suspect a thing..(yea..gross)

Perhaps the wire in my brain that connects the scent/odor to my memory is not functioning anymore.

Recently, in my bedroom, i smelled something burning. i checked all the wires to make sure all the electricals are ok. it turned out that it was only my organic mosquito repellent gel, that was supposed to smell like lime!

There are a few things though, that smell exactly as i remember them.
the aroma of coffee in the morning
delicious steamy cheese melting on a pizza
tomyam soup
the scent of victory when i'm about to win something on PS2. heheh.

Maybe I need to do a smell-memory brain remapping.

I'm off the ciclosporin in a week's time. Just penicillin after this...