Monday, October 20, 2008

sad day

lots of work to do today.
mid morning, somebody said something to me that hit a sensitive nerve, made me cry.
maybe i'm overreacting, because i don't usually shed tears for something so small.
where is my sense of humor? i need you! it's monday and i need you!

buck up, me. i am stronger than this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My few hours at the PJ Magistrate Court

i think at some point i must have told the story about how i was accused of committing a traffic offense, the police tried to issue me a ticket which i didn't sign, they let me go, but the ticket somehow ended up in the traffic summons system, along with an arrest warrant. see here for the old posting.

so somewhere mid-year when i was renewing my road tax, i found that i had an arrest warrant for a crime i didn't commit, so i decided to take the matter to court. the first round was waiting for about 3 hours, then a five minute hearing where i said, "saya tidak mengaku bersalah" and they postponed the case to, yeap, u guessed it, today.

took a half day leave, waited around for another 3 hours, then stood in front of the judge for 5 friggin' minutes to hear the police telling the judge that their witness did not come today, and the officer who is in charge of case is still on holiday, and that he suggests the case to be postponed again until another date.

i said my piece of mind, about how the police has wasted my time over something i did not do. and if possible i'd like the case to be settled today. the judge, however, decided that she will give the police another chance, and my case is now postponed to April next year.

bosan betul. but i'll keep you posted. next post, April 2009. keep checking the blog! hahahaa