Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday and the week's run plan

I can't wait for the my week-long break next week. Monday checkup, Tues and Wed cuti, then Thurs and Fri CNY. awesome.

I'm supposed to do a 5K test run last Sunday, but I ended up walking all the way. My whole body was aching (still is) from the session with my aunts on Saturday morning.  For a total of 3 hours, we did a variation of crunches, squats, weights and finally some HIITs (High Intensity Interval Training).  Felt OK the whole day after, but woke up on Sunday morning feeling stiff all over especially on the shoulders and upper leg area.  So on Sunday I decided to take it easy and just walk to get the blood flowing.

The plan for this week:

Mon - REST
Tue - 5k easy
Wed - 7 x 400m intervals
Thu - 5k easy
Fri - REST
Sat - Join aunts or 6.4k fast
Sun - 10k easy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Thaipusam

Day spent lazing around the TV playing Need for Speed. Awesome.

So, last Sunday's 10km didn't happen. I didn't wake up in the morning, and the whole afternoon was filled with family related activity. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Tues : 5km + 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, 30 squats - Done. In fact, i ran the 5k in 45 minutes, thanks to an awesome podcast i was listening to during the run which powered me through. Can't remember what it's called now..will get the name later.

Supposed to do another 5k today. But it's too hot outside...!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

6.4km done


Up until 4.30pm, i was psyched to run the 6.4km.

Then Junior Masterchef came on TV. dangit. anyway, after the first episode i just put on my gear, got out before the next one started.

Took me an hour, but i made it.

Need to do something about the mozzie bites though. Itching all over now. urgh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog setahun sekali

I find myself lazy to post entries because:
  1. who needs a blog when u have facebook? With facebook, it's so much easier to flood your friends with every menial activity you are up to. I'm cooking this, i'm here, there, i'm having dinner with so and so, please come visit my new shop....honestly, who gives a crap?
  2. I've ran out of things to write about - visits to the doctors have become less frequent
  3. I want to write about my runs, but after my runs i am usually just too tired to bother.

Maybe i'll start again by recording my thoughts about my runs.

I'm running the Energizer Night Race in April. 11km. I'm hoping to be able to run it in 1 hour 40 minutes. Slow, you think? I'm just being realistic with my goals. My run results so far:
- 2010 Penang Bridge 10K - 1:36:34 (my watch recorded 1:30:00)
- Nike City Run 5K - 55:29

I attended a bootcamp session last saturday. My whole body ached for 3 days. There's another one tomorrow, but i decided to skip it and train on my own. Too much work to have to wake up at 6am lah.

Anyway, the plan from now to mid-feb is to build up my 5k endurance level, then i will start adding the mileage until the race day.

I'm nearing the end of my 3rd week of the 5K build up, so far i have given too much leeway to myself, skipping runs at any plausible excuse, e.g. Rain, weather too hot, dinner plans, broken computer, and a thousand and one other excuses.

So the plan for tomorrow is to cover 6.4km, and Sunday 10km. We'll see.