Thursday, November 27, 2008

another holiday..yay!

i'm a geek yes.can't live without the internet. but that's just how it is these days.

will be in thailand for a week..i'm in phuket now, which i don't really like. i wish i was in Phi Phi already.

Phuket is hot....!!! like KL hot...and sweaty. yucks.

It's felt like a long long journey, but i will get to my destination soon.

the only good thing about this place was the sticky rice with mango and the delicious steamed fish and seafood salad i had late last night. Yes, at 2AM malaysian time.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what did i do this entire month?

Kuala Lumpur, originally uploaded by nadi0.

i just realized i haven't written anything in a very long time. time flies so fast these days, it only felt like yesterday that i posted my last entry.

i had a great weekend last week. went to the first Hematology Open Day in Ampang Hospital. Seeing my doctors and fellow survivors again was excellent! Though i went by myself, i felt absolutely at home. Dr Ong, if you're reading this, I will send you some photos soon yeah!

After the open day me and my buddy went off to the zoo, and drove around KL taking pictures of historical sites. This shot of the KL Railway Headquarters here was taken from the Majestic Hotel area, which is now closed as YTL has taken over the building to restore it into another hotel.

Sunday was a traumatizing day for me. I had a job to photograph the Sunathon Perdana 2008, where 300 kids participated in a circumcision ceremony. The event was easy peasy for me until i was asked to document the whole circumcision procedure. Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!!

I'm off to Phuket/Phi-Phi next week. I can't wait! ciao