Monday, May 11, 2009

The end of my greek adventure

I'm back in Athens. Lounging around in the baggage storage area of this backpacker place, because the heat is just too much outside.  At this rate, i might as well be back home, having banana leaf rice at Sri Paandi.

The ferry to Skiathos yesterday went smoothly.  Skiathos is a quaint little island, busier with tourist activities despite being smaller than Skopelos.  I whiled away the time by walking down the streets to see if there's any souvenirs i could bring home.  But then again, all those things, bangles, handbags, scarves, i could get the exact same ones back home in Giant Mall.  So at 7pm, i decided to go and wait for my flight at the airport, and guess what, there was no one there, and the guard said the check-in counters will open at 9.30pm, for the 10pm flight. heheh.  The airport looks like a cowboy town airport.  So i waited lah for 2.5 hours.

I arrived at Athens Backpackers at midnight and went straight to bed.  I went for a last walk mid-morning, looking for souvenirs, but since i am running out of cash, i didn't get anything. haha.  Then it got too hot, so i'm back here just whiling my time away.

Maybe i should just head to the airport and sit around there for the air-conditioning.