Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lazy day in Skopelos

Skopelos Town.

I didn't do anything much today.  Woke up at noon and lazed about until 2pm.  Attempted to find a laundry, but before i could, the hotel owner said she'll just put my clothes with their washing and hang them.  Then i borrowed her bicycle and cycled to town for some lunch.

the grilled squid i had for lunch, with some greek salad.

After that i cycled back, and did nothing else until now, other than surfing the net to the sound of ocean waves and Greek pop music from the hotel next door.  The temperature is still chilly and weather cloudy, and it's not good enough for photos, but i'd rather this than the scorching hot sun.

People on this island are so nice.  I'm not sure whether it's because of tourism, but i don't think it's a very touristy island.  People here are olive farmers and fishermen mostly.  Just today, as i was having lunch, the order came for a couple sitting in front of me.  She tasted it, and she said to the waiter, "i don't like the taste of it."  The waiter, with a smile on his face, took the dish back, and brought her some fried fish.  It's the kind of thing you never attempt to do in KL.  You decided to order it, so you pay lah, whether it's good or not. hahaha.  Unless it's real disgusting like the "Mango Sticky Rice" (lame yucky version) me, lan and daus once had at the Dessert Bar in Mont Kiara.

I'm getting hungry.  Maybe i'll go off and see what's nice at the waterfront.