Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I decided to check out the bus route today.  These skopelos buses don't run as regular as i'd like though.  After missing the 12.15pm bus, I hung around at a cafe reading my book, waiting for the 1.30pm bus.  I knew the buses looked like school buses, but at 1.30pm, suddenly this huge coach started moving and i saw people climbing into it - no ferry in sight.  So i ran to the bus and asked the driver where he was going.  He said, "Stafylos, Agnontas, Limonari, Panormos...etc etc." damn, this is the town bus!  So i paid to go to Stafylos.  (mistake, should have gone the full route up to Glossa and see what's nice).

Skopelos Map, from

Anyway, I got off at Stafylos, and followed the road sign.  Goddamn, the path was so steep, i knew i will be so lazy to make it back up.  Stafylos is a beautiful quiet beach, or maybe it's just quiet because it is spring, and there were only me (climbing up and down the rocks for photos) and a small family that was having a picnic and a swim.


The thought of settling down at the beach, then having to climb back up was enough to put me off.  So i started walking back up, determined to rent a car.  Waited a few minutes at the bus stop, but no bus passed by, so i started walking back towards Skopelos Town.  The map indicated that the road is about 6km away, and from my journey up, i knew that it wasn't going to be a flat road.  But the next bus won't be coming until 2 hours later!  Anyway, i thought the walk would be good for me, it will be my only walk on this island.  Apparently the island walking thing is quite big.  Check out Walking the Greek Islands. About 1.5 hours later, after many stops to take photos of this and that, i arrived in town starving and went into the first taverna that said hello to me.

A nice old man called Andreas served me some grilled sardines which were delicious, though i thought a bit too salty.  He seems to think that Malaysia is a part of Africa, because he said to me, "ah, Malaysia, good country, not like Sudan, shooting everywhere." huh? hehe...suka hati lah. After i finished, he wanted to give me a bottle of i don't know what, but he claims that it is more powerful than ouzo, so i politely declined lah.  Come to think of it, i should have taken it as a souvenier for friends back home.

The fullness from lunch increased the level of my laziness to do this whole island walking thing, so i stopped by a car rent shop to ask for the rental price.  I initially planned to rent a car for one day only, and hike the rest of the days, but nahhhhh.  Even better when the car rent lady said it is 50 euros for 3 days, unlimited mileage (not that the island is very big) , insurance included, and i just have to fill back the tank to what it was before. Done deal. Here's my driver's license, here's the 50 bucks. Gimme the keys. Awesome.  I just got to remember not to overeat now that I won't be walking as much. hehehe.

Car in hand, i drove back to Stafylos right down to the front of the steps to go down the beach.  I realized while starting the walk that i lost my lens i went into the bushes to look for it...but nope, it was gone. I'm not sure how i'm going to keep this lens safe now..urgh.

Sunset at Milia Beach, Skopelos

I then proceeded to drive from beach to beach, up to Milia.  Apparently the next beach, Kastani was the main filming location for Mamma Mia! the movie, but i was tired, so i headed back home. Got 3 more days with the car, no worries.  Didn't take that many nice pictures either, since the problem with driving is that you can't stop wherever you want for photos.  The road was also too small and i was still getting used to the car and i don't want to fall into the many gaungs (somehow i thought the clutch position is also reversed on a left-hand drive car. hehe).

Ok i'm going to sleep early today since a whole new world just opened up for me with access to a car. hehe. Ciao ciao!