Sunday, February 17, 2008

great drinks, yucky food.

drinks @ williams Taman Mayang, originally uploaded by nadi0.

after sleeping from 4pm to 10pm just now, i woke up with a rumbling stomach. so me and brother decided to go out and find a steak stall. wanted to go to Steven's Uptown, but decided not to since it was too far and it was kind of wet. So we went to William's in Taman Mayang instead.

the drinks were delicious, brother had a honeydew lychee and i had a mango special. I asked for a Ribena Lychee, but apparently that particular drink doesn't come in small size. Weird, couldn't they just pour the drink into the small jars they use for the other drinks? i didn't understand why, but whatever lah.

so the food came. Chicken chop came a little too fast for brother. Padan was cold! Brother said the chicken chop tak sedap. Then my 30 ringgit rib-eye steak came. Tried to cut the meat, but it felt like it was just fat all around, no meat. It was disgusting! So i returned it, and told them i lost my appetite.

I see a lot of people coming to eat there, not at all minding the stench from the drains. Seriously, what is good there? So far whatever I've tried sucked big time, but i saw many other people happily munching their food away.

I ended up buying a cheeseburger from McD afterwards. I can still feel the slimy taste of the steak (or was it the fat?) in my mouth.