Sunday, April 10, 2011

shiats, it's already april!

ya ya, so much for doing a run journal and what not.

on 29th January I did a 11k loop around Putrajaya, took me two hours, and took about 2 months to recover. every thing became an excuse, too much work, too hot, too wet etc etc. Bottom line is, i got lazy.

Next week is the Energizer Night Marathon, i'm going for 11k, and all i've got to show for it is an 8k practice yesterday and about a 6k tryout last weekend. Whatever lah

So anyway, based on my sucky performance, i target to finish this Energizer 11K below 110 minutes. This goal will require me to run 25% of the time and walk the rest.

i want to get this thing over with, and take my vacation. This time i'm off to Amsterdam, then off to do some city-hopping in Belgium before taking the train from Brussels to London. I've already sent a big empty bag to my brother in London. That way, at the end of my break, i will still have space to bring home goodies, and not have to drag it around Amsterdam and Belgium.

i'm nervous, as i always am before any solo trip, but i can't wait!