Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's Saturday!

Wow, it has been a busy week for me.

Had chest x-ray and ultrasound on Wednesday. According to the consultant radiologist, morphologically, everything looks normal. Chest clear from the x-ray, and the ultrasound did not detect any abnormalities in my abdominal organs (spleen, liver, gallbladder, bla bla). So he said whatever is causing my liver enzymes to go up must be at the cellular level.

Went for a blood test on Thursday, and a bone marrow biopsy. The doc must have given me the same dosage of sedation as when I was 10 kgs heavier. Went into the treatment room at 11am, the next thing i knew, it was 1pm and I was already on one of the hospital beds at wad 21. Couldn't remember a thing, e.g. whether I walked to the bed, or somebody wheeled me. :-) My back is still a bit sore from the procedure, although it hasn't stopped me from driving around town. My blood counts were normal. The liver function test from two weeks ago still shows elevated liver enzymes. Hmm.. the doctor wasn't around that afternoon, so I'll have to come back next week to talk about that, and to get my biopsy results. Hope everything will continue to be fine, and my liver shows some improvement at the next visit. Also hope that this liver situation doesn't have to come down to a liver biopsy, which i believe would a major pain in the ass...or i guess in this case, a major pain in the liver!

Started French class today. After almost 8 years..i think i need to brush up on my conversational skills hehehe. Alors, maintenant, je parle francais un peu. Weehoo! After that it was meeting friends after friends after friends. Went to baby Arina's birthday party, which was cute to the max! It was fun to play with them little people, as long as they're not mine! hahaha..quite a pity i didn't bring my camera, though. :-( Ok-lah, gua gonna shower now, got more friends to meet tonight.

Have a great weekendzzzz! (Ok, somebody shoot me if i start writing like that). hahaha.

Bye boyzz and gurlss. (ok, just shoot me now. please.)