Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bella Capri

I'm tired as hell, and I cannot wait to go back....although there's so much more I want to see. Lisa and me (Gemma decided to go to Vesuvius) dragged ourselves out of bed this morning at 7AM so we can beat the crowd to Capri Island, since everybody says it's going to be freaking crowded since it's the Labor Day weekend. And by god were those people right! Thank god we decided to bust our budget by taking the taxi, so in some ways, we got to cut the queue. I also didn't feel like dragging my luggage all the way to the marina from the hostel...i dunno what is in the bag, but it got so much heavier since i left london the other day. I didn't even buy anything throughout my Italian adventure. hehe..

We arrived in Capri, and it was madness!!!!! People shoving and pushing to go here and there. After a short coffee break, Lisa went to get the boat tickets to the Blue Grotto, and i went to sort out my luggage at the baggage deposit shop. Lisa's Rick Steve book gave specific instructions, but of course, i never follow instructions properly. I dragged my bag down the short steps, and later found out that the baggage storage shop was just next to the coffee shop! Taik betul..hehehe..

madness at the Blue Grotto entrance

The scenery throughout the boat ride to the Blue Grotto was quite beautiful...though i got lazy and decided not to take any pictures. From the big boat, we had to transfer to a smaller boat to get inside the cave. The book said that it costs 5 euros each, and then we need to tip the boatman about 2 euros. It turned out to be 10 euros each...and there were mafia-looking people in the boat that seems to be the Blue Grotto "ticket office", with their aviator sunnies and all. hehehe..we had to lie down to get into the cave, and when we got inside....waaaaah....the water was so blue from the sun's reflection!! i expected a lot more, but it wasn't much, other than the very beautiful water, and the boatman belting out O Sole Mio. thank god he had quite a good voice...i didn't take any pictures inside since it was so dark, you really need to get off and fix a tripod somewhere inside the cave. Sure must have special permission punya.

After the Blue Grotto thing, we went up the hill to take the bus to Anacapri, which is the other part of the island. We took some lunch, and then took a chairlift ride up to Monte Solaro...cun gila ok!! It was about a 12 minute ride, and when we got off, we explored the place a bit to get some photos. Then we hiked back down to Anacapri, which was quite a beautiful hike, but honestly, i didn't think i needed more walking. kekeke...After about 40 minutes, we finally reached the base and spent some time looking at the shops. Anacapri isn't as expensive as Capri, and i quite like that less crowded part of the island. Had some granite di limone (ice blended lemonade) which was very delicious, given the hot day. I didn't buy anything as usual, since it seemed like everything might have come from the part of the world where I come from. Plus i didn't think 40 euros for a pair of thin leather slipper was worthwhile at all. Hmm well, i might get a pair tomorrow, but i dunno, i just don't have any more space in my bag.

view from Monte Solaro

After dah puas lepaking at Anacapri, we took a bus back to Capri. Eh, silap. We wanted to take a bus, but the line was so long, so we took a taxi (convertible taxi!!) jakun gila...! taking a taxi is so much better than taking the bus...the bus makes me nauseous, with the sharp turns and all. At Capri, we first decided to go find my hotel, since both of us felt so tired trying to manouver ourselves through the crowd. It was quite a long walk, nasib baik the room was nice. A proper hotel room at last! Only, it came with a single bed, and there was no room to fit another person (I was going to sneak Lisa in for the night hehe). We rested for a bit before reluctantly making our way back down to the luggage was still at the storage shop, remember?

Anyway, Capri town is like Rodeo Drive on steroids...too many rich people walking up and down, in and out of the shops. I feel quite underdressed to be honest, with my backpack, singlet and sneakers. Anacapri would be more suitable for me...note for next time (if there is one). The walk to the funicular station wasn't pleasant at all, kind of steep...and i still don't know how these Italian women can walk with their thin high heels in these streets!! I noted the steep walk on the way to the hotel, so i decided to leave my bag at the marina overnight and just take the necessities with me in my backpack. Thank goodness the shop lady allowed me to do that, with another charge of 3 euros. I'm quite happy about it, since i was ready to pay her 10 euros to keep my bag. hehe.

So, it was time for Lisa to leave for Sorrento. We had a snack at a pizzeria, and said our goodbyes. Quite sad actually, i came to rome thinking i would be doing things on my own, and suddenly i had friends, and it felt like we've known each other for a long time. hehe. I then went back to my hotel room to take a nap, penat gila! Then i went out to take some night shots of Capri..didn't walk far as i was too tired. Capri is so beautiful at night! It's still not as quiet as i thought it would be..i guess most people are staying since it's a holiday weekend. I roamed the streets a bit in hopes to find Mariah Carey or any Italian footballers...but naaah..i only saw photos of them partying in Capri at the camera shops. In the evenings, the photographers from the camera shops come out to photograph people on the streets. For some reason, none of them offered to photograph me. Why ah? Do I not look glamorous enough? Marah la niiii....! hahahaha..

night time in Capri - Piazza Umberto

okey hour is up. I think i'm going to bed early tonight, while watching Italian Satellite tv. It sucks because everything is in Italian. The O.C. in italian, the Simpsons in Italian...argh! Gemma's coming to Capri tomorrow, so when she's done with the touristy bits that I've done today, I'm going to meet up with her and chill out before we part ways. So i think i should wake up early to get some morning shots of this island, need to study the map to find out where the lookout points are. tomorrow i head to napoli to catch my flight back to London.