Saturday, April 19, 2008


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Hmmm I didn't do much today. I decided to take a break from sightseeing, woke up late and just wander around. There's nothing much in Bologna other than the food. Even so, they mostly have meat and I wasn't sure if the meat is beef or pork. Last night I stopped by a pizzeria to take away a slice. The one with red onions on top looked really good, but when I took a bite, macam ada prosciutto je...eww. Lost my appetite after that so I headed to an Internet café across the street and spent two hours there. Hehe..I cannot live without internet maaaa...!

I went to the street market today, in hope to find some leather goods as souvenirs. I looked at the stalls and the items, and couldn't help but think that these things probably came from china/thailand, and I could easily obtain them back home at Sg. Wang Plaza. About 70% of the stall owners were chinese and bangladeshi, and yes, they sell the same things you would find at all street markets around the world, and I've been to a few.

I later tried to find the food market which was supposedly nearby my hotel, but I couldn't find it. I saw ladies walking with plastic bags, but I was too lazy to think and form a sentence to ask where the market is. Now that I have the time, I regret not taking a few seconds to think. "scusi, dov'é la marchetta?" was the sentence I was looking for.

Bologna is the first metropolitan city I've seen throughout my stay in this country, since I skipped milan. It's not bad, it's got everything you need, and your purchasing power is quite high, compared to Venice and Como. My hotel room was not bad, it's right smack in the middle of the city centre, but it's also the most expensive I will pay throughout my stay here. But the dude doesn't speak english at all, so a bit leceh la when I need to communicate. Aku belasah je, got my french and italian mixed up and he looked at me like I'm nuts hahahaaa. Well, at least he understood, right?

I'm now waiting for my train to La Spezia, which I hope will be beautiful. I'm planning to take a hike on the Cinque Terre tomorrow, but see how lah. Maybe I'll just hike pakai bus. Nyahahahaa..

Should I buy new sunglasses? Those raybans look quite nice. But they're about €129 each, and I will still have to get them prescripted. When the sun is out here, it's really blinding tau!! (excuse...hahhaa)