Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am in a giant maze


I'm now in Lido enjoying a cappucino. Susah betul la weather kat sini. Take off coat, too warm, put coat back on, too chilly. Lido is nice. I don't know why the Rough Guide didn't write much about it. I wasn't planning on coming here, but then I decided I better make the vapporetti day pass here I am. Sam said that no one ever checks your vaporetti tickets here. It's true! Except at the Ferrovia stop, which is near the train station, and that's where loads of tourists are, off the train and on to the vaporetti to their various hotels. So I had to buy one lah. Hehe.

dsc 1494

Venice is crowded. In the morning I had a gelato for breakfast. That was my 3rd gelato in 12 hours...mampus gemuk. Kekeke..but sokay, I think I have done too much walking to burn it off. Then I went to cover the wajib places, a.k.a Piazza San Marco and its surroundings. Nothing much there. I can't be bothered to go inside the basilica. Too crowded!!!!! After that I spent almost two hours trying to find Campo Santa Margherita, where Sam said I could get value for money food. I could take the vaporetti, but it looked so near in my map, so I figured I'd just venture through the alleys to find the place. Terribly difficult, but it was nice to walk and get my bearings. The pizza I had was superb, but it was too much for one person. So I tapau half and ate half, but had to throw away the tapau portion later because it got soggy. So wasted!! Boohoo...!

While having lunch I contemplated on whether I should visit Galleria dell'Academia, where they store the collection of Venetian Renaissance art. A bit malas because in the morning I saw a long queue to get in, and I'm not really a fan of paintings. But it was only 1pm, and I didn't know what else to do, so pegi aja lahh. Trying to work my way out from where I was to the Grand Canal so I could get on the vaporetti was another grand task. When I arrived at the gallery, thank god the crowd was gone and the place was practically empty.

The audioguide I rented certainly made my visit more meaningful. The paintings were beautiful, and I stayed in there for 2 hours, the non-renaissance art fan that I was. Most of the paintings gave me goosebumps, for I don't know what reason. Maybe it was the realization that the people in the paintings exist hundreds of years ago and I wonder, how did they live without Internet? Hahhahahaaaa..

Ok, on to more interesting matters. In daylight, most Italian men look so good. The vaporetti attendant, the police, the gondola guys. I said most, not all. My waiter at this café is certainly not hensem. Well, perhaps he's not italian? Forse, no? Hehe.

I think I'll just stick around Lido for a while and wait for the sunset. It's a gorgeous day, looks like the sunset is going to be beautiful.

A piú tardi!