Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gelato, Gelati and Shrimp Fried Rice

So....I arrived at 6pm, checked into my hotel, decided not to wash my hair yet because I was super hungry. The hotel is nice, although a bit small...but at least I'm on the island itself and it's a minute away from the train station.

Walked up and down the street but couldn't decide what to eat, so I bought a gelati to alas perut for a while. Hmm..the one I had sama je dengan yang ada kat KL...hehe. I went to an internet café to backup my photos..taik betul mahal. 8 friggin euros for an hour??? This is why I love Malaysia so much. It's my home and I have everything I need...and it's cheaper too.

So lepas berinternet, I walked some more and an Italian dude said ciao to me. He asked if I had dinner yet, I said no, and he said he'll take me to a nice pizzeria. The place looked crowded, so I figured ok la kot. We chatted a bit while walking..then he tried to hold my hand when he wanted to show me what the Rialto Bridge looks like. Ewah ewahh!! I said to him, "I'm flattered, ma no, capisce?" not a minute later he said to me that he forgot that he was meeting his friend Toto. Hahhaaaa...whatever dude!!! Boleh blahhhh..I didn't take offence lah, e non importa, as they say over here.

dsc 1476

dsc 1469

Venice is a very lively place. I walked around for a bit more to take some night shots just around Cannereggio where I'm staying..didn't dare walk further because the streets were starting to get quiet. I'm now having shrimp fried rice at a chinese restaurant...hahahaaa..! I was feeling a bit vulnerable, so this restaurant is providing me some sense of familiarity in this unfamiliar place. Actually it kind of reminds me of that chinese place in Oakland, back in Pittsburgh..the one with the chili in oil..yummms! Kehkehkeh...

So that was my day, we'll see what happens tomorrow.