Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day +76

Not much change....still a lazy bum. I think my Hb is a bit low, saw some green stars when I tried to sit up after lying in the sofa for a couple of minutes. Definitely not helping with the whole lazy/tired issue. I'm lazy to the max!! Nak bangun malas, nak mandi malas, nak makan malas, nak check email malas, nak pick up the phone malas, u name it, i'm lazy to do everything except sleep or bum in front of the telly!

Pardon my lack of updates, I rarely can muster enough energy to even sit in front of my computer nowadays. (plus my brother was home for a few days and he was using the computer most of the time to finish his homework.) Looks like it's Animal Planet and Discovery Travel all the way this week, baby.

Also, sorry there are no interesting pictures of late. Too lazy to look for my camera.