Friday, September 02, 2005

I feel better today

Huh, after a lot of sleep, I woke up feeling a hell lot better. I don't know what happened. Was it the magnesium that I got yesterday at the clinic? Hmm gotta find out.

Sent my car for air-con service, went to the bank, did a bit of walking around Giant, bought some presents for a friend's baby and had some fries at Burger King (dah gian sangat). Now here I am at home waiting for my Chicken in a bag a-la Thai (see recipe, picture) to finish baking in the oven. After the vomiting episodes yesterday, I could only stomach sourish food. Vomiting feels awful..but the nice thing about it is...a few hours later..check out the flat tummy! hehehee.

Ok better go check on my chicken. Lapar gila. Ciao...