Saturday, September 03, 2005


Today it is exactly one year since that fateful day at that clinic in Damansara Uptown. The images are still vivid in my mind, the doctor looking at me warily, about to deliver the bad news. He turned the report towards me and pointed to the "Impression" section, which said, "Suspected acute leukemia. Urgent bone marrow aspiration needed." Me speechless. That was the day the adventure began, with impossible veins and 4 pints of blood to be transfused urgently (I was only properly diagnosed on September 8, 2004). I know I've come a long way, fighting through infections, pain, changes in my body, chemotherapy, transplant, etc. I've seen people who didn't make it, people who made it, and people who are still struggling. Alhamdulillah, God has been kind to me, making things bearable most of the time. I'm still the same person that I was before, hopefully with a different way of looking at life.

Thank you God for letting me live a little longer
Thank you mama and ayah for caring and putting up with me
Thank you Ayol for the stem cells
Thank you Firr for taking care of the cats' supplies while I was away
Thank you Deli for being my valet whenever you're home (hehe)
Thank you Z for sticking by me
Thank you doctors for making this easier for me
Thank you nurses for the care
Thank you relatives, neighbors, friends & colleagues for the prayers and support
Thank you employer for the financial help

Who else....oh yes, no thanks to Ananda K. for not supplying me with the Maxis 3G card. I missed Akademi Fantasia because of that! Nasib baik the winner was so bloody predictable, so I'm not too upset, just a bit disappointed. Hehe.

Ok, seriously, thank you everyone for the constant well wishes and prayers.