Friday, May 20, 2005


fuh. went to do a bit of shopping today. i'm like a smoker who desperately needed her nicotine fix. instead of the urge to light up, i have the urge to charge my credit card to something everyday. i fought hard today, and couldn't contain it much longer. at 4PM, i decided that I had to go out, or I would just faint of boredom.

Went to Ikano and here are the things I bought:
  1. Quilt cover
  2. Storage Box
  3. Mouse pad
  4. Cat food
  5. Chocolates
  6. T-shirts
  7. Dilbert book

I feel much better now.

And here's a picture of my new Ah-beng mouse, since my 7-year old Microsoft mouse died on me recently. (OK, it didn't really die, it just needs a thorough cleaning. I just needed an excuse to get an optical mouse. Will keep the faithful Microsoft mouse for when I get back to work.)

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Oh. I heard Star Wars 3 came out yesterday. Is it any good?