Monday, May 09, 2005

afternoon update

just came back from seeing the datin. all my measurements seem to have improved. especially my liver and spleen. checking for cancers, it seems that the organic germanium that I have been taking is having less effect on the leukemia, which in this case is a good sign. i'm too lazy to explain right now how the machine works. maybe one day i'll write a whole entry about it. (do i still owe this blog a part III of a certain chronicle?) .. huh, too much to do, too little time. (jangan marah ye office-mates kekekeke)

anyway, i'm having a spleen ultrasound this afternoon. so we'll see if this morning's readings tally with what we see in my spleen later. i hope the absesses are gone, but i must admit that i am feeling a tinge of pain in my spleen from all this anxiety.

relax....relax.....just relax....

ps: oh listen to the debut album of Shanon Shah - Dilanda Cinta. He's good. He's different. It's refreshing.