Saturday, May 21, 2005

it was a short day

it was a short day. woke up at 4.25PM, as a result of sleeping at 6.35AM reading a book. saw a movie called Deux Freres (Two Brothers). It's a touching film about two tiger cubs who were separated from each other when they were young after their parents were shot by hunters. Kumal, the fierce brother, was sent to a circus, while Sangha, the shy cub, was brought up in the Maharaja's palace. They were brought back together a year later, forced to fight each other on a fighting ring. So strong was their brotherhood bond that halfway through the fight they recognized each other and decided to thrash the village instead. They later ran off into the jungle where they were reunited with their mother. Another tear jerker starring Guy Pearce and two tiger cubs. :-)

Konsert Prelude Akademi Fantasia 3 turned out somewhat resembling Bintang RTM. Am quite satisfied with the judges' choices, although given the opportunity I would choose perhaps only 3 out of the twenty. Where did all the talents go? Malaysian Idol?

My cat Cookie's skin has gotten better around the ears, but there seems to be no improvement on her back. I have to take her to the vet again next week. Since it was determined that there was no fungus, the vet said she suspects it is skin cancer, although she couldn't see any cancer cells under the microscope. I can't bear to give her away to SPCA in case they put her to sleep given her condition. Since the vet said she couldn't see anything infectious (for me), I guess we'll just keep her. It makes me sad watching her in the small cage, crying for us to let her out and play. But the vet told us not to let her touch ground for a couple of weeks, so I guess letting her out will be against the vet's orders. I long to touch her and hug her like old times, but that would be against my doctor's orders. So I just watch her from outside her cage, and tell her that we will both be OK someday.

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Cookie keeping me company in the good old days.