Thursday, May 26, 2005

dumb cat

bargh...alf got stuck on the roof again. she's making so much noise because she can't come down. i've been standing on the roof for 1/2 hour coaxing her, to no avail. i don't know what to do with this cat..!! when she was 1.5 month old, she fell from three stories high and passed out for about 10 minutes. ever since, she's got this obsession with high grounds...what a pain in the bum!

woke up very early today, went jogging (more like power walk. i hate running). lots of elderly people in the morning. a bunch of aunties practicing some barn dance. a couple of boys skateboarding. the air wasn't so fresh since the lake stinks. noticed that 95% percent of the park visitors wore Power shoes. gained back what little calorie i burned with a nice piece of roti sardine. nevermind, i told myself. the purpose of the exercise was to strengthen my lungs, not to burn calories. heheh.