Friday, July 08, 2005

chemo day 1

Had my first chemo today, cyclophosphamide over 1 hour. I was covered with Kytril and dexa for nausea, and mesna for my kidneys. No problems so far, just felt very sleepy during the infusion. Hope tomorrow will be the same easy day. My total white count has dropped to 3.9 today, which shows that the radiation is already working to destroy my immune system.

The Transplant Doc came in today to explain a few more things. He's one of those doctors who you would want to be brave for. They're so kind that you just want to make their jobs easy. You hope that everytime they ask you how you are, you get to tell them that you're feeling great. Sometimes you meet certain doctors, and for some odd reason you just want to make life difficult for them. 0f course, once in a while, you try your best to be brave for the kind ones, but it's so painful that you feel like you have failed them. Luckily i have never met a doctor so terrible that i just want to drop dead in front of him. Hope i never meet such a person. So, which doctor do you want to be?

Peace out.