Sunday, July 03, 2005

woi sejuk nye!!!

i'm settled in. Man this room is colder than Pittsburgh! at least in Pittsburgh we had decent heating. Forgive me if my typing gets gibberish after this, but I think my fingers will freeze at any moment now. It's causing my veins to hide away, making it impossible for the staff to insert and i/v line for me. After a few tries, we decided to do it tomorrow just before the antibiotic is given.

The room is not bad at all! There's a tv and vcd player, and the reception is quite good. I get channel 8 here, which means i'll get to watch Joey, Desperate Housewives, Malaysian Idol, etc. I'm just not too comfortable with the window, so people can look inside. Check out the picture!

Aight...i'm going to catch some sleep. Didn't sleep at all last night.