Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mencari Cinta

Due to the lack of Astro, i found myself watching whatever i could on terrestrial tv. There was a new local reality show tonight on TV3 called Mencari Cinta, one quite similar to the American show the Bachelorette. 10 malay dudes pursuing the love of a girl. 1 man pulled out before the whole thing started, claiming that he had found a girl while the show was setting up. (whatever, chickenshit, paak-pak-pak!) The girl will come on to the show next week. I'm quite interested to find out how the show will turn out, with sex scandals out of the picture (out of national tv, at least). Plus they all look like regular Ahmads, unlike the hunks you would find in the bachelorette. I only wish the host would quit her 'makcik-kuat-bergosip' northern accent, which got rather annoying halfway through the episode.

Mawi world! Eh! Oops! Bzzt, silap channel pulak. Gnite!