Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nasi Lomak Ayam Goreng

This is the nasi lemak picture i wrote about yesterday. Nasib baik tak snap using digital SLR, kalau tidak sure terliur habis! Check out the size of the egg. I think it's organic.

Worked up an appetite for lunch by watching Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef 2 on DVD. Jamie is simply pukka! Felt a bit sorry for myself for not getting the whole series up to Season 3. Maybe will try to score them off the net soon. For dinner, I've decided to have my special french fries. Nothing special really, just fried potatoes with a very thin coating of rice flour to make it crispy and golden brown. Dash salt. Dip in chilli or tomato sauce for a truly simple pleasure, mate. Ok help, I'm starting to sound like Jamie Oliver..i'll stop thinking about food for now.

Oh, doc says that the white coating on my tongue is a sign of mucositis. Yukk! As long as it doesn't hurt, I think I'm still good.

There's a bit of redness around the entry point of my Hickman line. Due to my low platelets (today 36,000) there was a bit of bleeding as well. Hope it doesn't get infected while i still need it. I'd show you the picture of the line, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without showing off my chest at the same time (no scandals please!). So just imagine a tube that comes out from under your skin on the chest, which then become 3 smaller tubes (called lumens) that are connected to various drips. The line is tunneled under the skin, and the other end is inserted into a large blood vessel called the superior vena cava. These tubes are multipurpose, could be used to take and transfuse blood, infuse drugs, chemo, saline, etc. It frees up the hands so I could do things like typing this blog entry. A treatment without a Hickman line would make life so many more times harder for the patient. I certainly do not wish to lose mine any time soon.

Off to watch more DVDs. I've resorted to wearing 2 layers of hospital clothes, a fleece jacket and a winter jacket to keep myself warm. I used that winter jacket for skiing when I was in America! That's how cold it is in here! I do feel quite snug and warm now, like the beginning of spring in Pittsburgh.

Stay warm!

btw: When is Harry Putar - Half Blood Prince coming out?