Sunday, July 24, 2005

regular conversation with a nurse here

...which is getting pretty tiresome. Let's call her NMB (nurse macam bagus).

NMB: so, macamana hari ni?
Me: mm, sakit tekak lagi.
NMB: lah, memang lah, time ni memang macam tu, jadi you mesti jangan putus asa tau. (dgn ekspresi macam bagus)
Me: tau...(siapa pulak yg putus asa?)

Maleh betul lah! She asks me how i am, and when i tell her, she acts as if i shouldn't be complaining. If she's got nothing else to say, then just shut up la. Buang air liur aku je. Hish! I really don't mind other people saying that to me, but when it comes to NMB, i just can't stand it! Next time she asks i'm just going to tell her that i'm loving my sore throat and i wish it would stay there forever. Hehe.

Btw, my fever still comes and goes. My face and eyes have become puffy from too much sleep, the doc upped the morphine to 0.7ml/hour. Will probably ask them to reduce it tomorrow if my throat feels better.