Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Day +2

Mantra of the day: "i will not get mouth sores" (repeat 160x)

Mucositis/mouth sore count - 0
Taste bud - completely bonkers
Blood count - dropped. Total white 0.2, hb 9.1 and platelet 41,000
Color of tongue - white..horror!

i guess i'm still having it easy, alhamdulillah. The extreme temperature continues..And doc suggested that i put up a picture of the Alps on the wall. I could do that, but i don't know how that would make me feel any warmer, imagining myself in a room without heating in Switzerland! Maybe i'll put up a picture of the Melaka Petronas Refinery instead. Kekeke. That should teach me to stop complaining about the cold!

Despite my taste buds, i ate awesomely today. After a 3 hour wait and almost going faint with hunger, mum arrived with the best nasi lemak ever. I couldn't taste it effectively, but i could tell it was très delicious from the aroma! The aroma of fried chicken, the steamy fragrant coconut rice, the crunchy ikan bilis, simply superb! Will post a picture tomorrow. Later for dinner dad brought some fettucine alfredo from home and i stuffed my tummy again. Burp!

Not that i enjoy sharing my shower activities with you, but today while showering, i decided the heck with it and shampooed my hair and washed my body using my shower gel. The nurses told me not to use soap or shampoo until at least 10 days after radiation. So far no weird rashes have appeared, and i now smell like fresh olives and coconuts, which is nice. Because of that, i know i will sleep better tonight.

I suddenly feel heaty now, like i'm about to develop a fever. Nurse said it's probably just the cyclosporine making me feel hot. Hope she's right.

Anyway, i should rest. Till next time, ciao tutti!