Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day +8

Woke up to a sore throat even worse than yesterday. I think it just happens in the mornings, when I haven't had a drink all night and the throat becomes dry. As I take sips of water during the day, the sore throat becomes more bearable.

Transplant Doc #2 (the one with bluetooth) came today and told me that I should eat ice cream for my throat. Better yet, expensive ones like Haagen-Daaz or Ben & Jerry's (better quality control, he says). Woohoo! This doc is totally awesome! Me mum's gone home to get my dinner and get me some Baskin Robbins. Slurrp. Not that I don't love the cheap Orange Gotcha Popsicles my mum usually buys me, but it's nice to have some luxury ice cream for a change.

I'm trying to keep normal sleeping hours, but have failed so far. I know I shouldn't depend on the dormicum, so last night i ended up sleeping at 4am. The morning nurses here must think I'm a very moody person. But i'm sure when they come for their evening shifts, they'll find that I'm just not a morning person. I just don't like people waking me up in the mornings.

I still am not doing regular exercise, but I do walk a lot to the bathroom and my dvd player to change dvds. He he. A lot of deep-breathing exercises on my bed, though, to keep my lungs tough. I also engage in some singing in the shower as a breathing exercise.

As usual, I'm looking at food pictures today. Collecting recipes like lasagna, baked ziti, burgers in my Allrecipes.com recipe box to experiment with when I go home. I've never been fond of cooking, but I think it's about time I learned. Must also learn to cook Malaysian dishes like gulai2, curry etc in case I marry a guy who's into Malay food and won't eat anything else.

Woooh, suddenly feel like having Dunkin' Donuts Boston Creme, but I'm not allowed to have donuts or pastries with cream filling in them. :-( Oh well, like the saying goes, "bersabar itu adalah sebahagian daripada iman....."