Friday, July 15, 2005

Hari +4

The day started out excellently. I woke up early, catched up on the news at, and watched my Jamie's Kitchen dvd. The white coating in my mouth has gone for some weird reason. Mum came in and brought lunch, some stir fried beef and 'fries'. I put the fries in quotes because it was an utter disappointment! It turned out to look like keledek goreng, which was SO not what i wanted. And it was way too oily. Shame on the maid, boohoo!

A bit later in the afternoon, a nurse came to tell that my total white was 0.1, my hb had dropped to 8.8 and my platelets were only 18,000. No wonder i felt a bit tired. I had a bag of platelets transfused, for the first time of type B+! I had type O+ blood before, so it was quite exciting for me. I still don't understand how this works with a major mismatch of graft versus host blood type. Hmm will ask doc tomorrow.

Halfway through the platelet transfusion i got the chills. Some adverse reaction to the platelets i believe. Covered myself with about 6 layers of blanket until my body went numb from all the weight. Fell asleep until dinnertime.

Feel a tad better now after some tomyam and potato wedges, and a pack of ribena. I have some rotiboy outside which i'm contemplating. If i want to eat it, mum would have to put it back in the microwave, which will make it taste like shite anyway.

Going back under the blanket now. I feel another chill attack coming.

* 2 hours later...

Chill attack was horrible. Teeth clattering, legs shivering, shoulders shaking..for about 30 mins. A bit strange coz i don't what my body is reacting to! Got a bit frustrated that i started crying. Fell asleep after a good wholesome hug from mum.

And now it's too hot! Bargh!