Saturday, July 16, 2005


Slept till almost noon, when the Transplant Doc came for his visit. Ooops. (I'm tired!!) He constantly reminds me to do some exercises, which so far I have failed to obey. Yes, I'm a brat, but I just hate to move around so much when I have all these tubes attached to me. Plus the infusomat is too sensitive, the smallest shake would set it off. He checked whatever was necessary, and left with another reminder to keep to a regular set of daily activities (including exercising). Thinking of bringing a small step machine in here. Oh we'll see.

Nothing much today. I had two pints of blood transfused this morning, and another bout of chill attack. I'm beginning to suspect that it's just the cold room, not a reaction to any drug.

My latest hobby is looking for food pictures. Spent a whole hour the other day checking out pictures and reviews on, Jamie Oliver's Website and Ooh the pictures are too good! I found some recipes for fish and chips and mum's gone home to make some for me. Yay! I don't like the fish that's fried with breadcrumbs, i prefer the Fish & Co or Manhattan Fish Market type of batter. Then I copied down recipes for Tuna Noodle Casserole, which I'll probably have tomorrow. Mmmmm....tuna....(Homer Simpson style).

I suddenly feel a craving for Outback Steakhouse's Deep Fried Mushrooms. Mmmm....

Is it just me, or have I been talking about food a lot lately?

Ciao tutti!