Monday, October 03, 2005

Day +84, 1 Week to BMA

Feel like sleeping. Blood count trends on the decline. Doc says it could be the side effects of my medications, but the bone marrow test next week will show what is really going on.

Total white 3.4
Hb 8.9
Platelets 129
Liver enzymes elevated.

I guess the meal at Carnaval in the weekend didn't help much. It was still good, nevertheless. Especially since I was in good company.

I hope my specialist will be back in time to aspirate my bone marrow next week. One bad experience with a trainee doctor should be enough, I think.

Want to watch TV, but I think I've seen almost everything on Astro. I think they rotate the programs every 2-3 months, so if you watched a lot of TV 2 months ago, you won't have anything much to watch now. Waste of money paying for Astro.

Oh. Hang on. Puasa announcement. At least that's one program you only see once a year. Hehe. They just announced that puasa starts on Wednesday. Happy fasting to all Muslims!

Am going to lie down for a bit.