Saturday, June 18, 2005

3rd AF Concert

eek!! my youngest brother just called from his boarding school to find out who got kicked out of the academy this week. what a freakin' fanatic! keke

I don't consider myself a fanatic (hahahah), but i tried to access the live telecast over the Internet just now, and it was congested!! Only managed to see some video when the whole shabang was over. bargh...

no...i'm not going to do a sultanmuzaffar. hahah!! but anyway, here's what I thought.
amylea and idayu were entertaining, as usual. yazer rocked. amy sucked to the max tonight. aidil's show had nice effects. the rest, not very impressive. i still don't get what the big deal is with mawi & felix.

there was an awkward moment before idayu's performance, when aznil asked her what she thought of men who loves to boss people around. idayu showed her little finger and said "amboi amboi amboi....!" aiyoh! nak "amboi amboi amboi" pi la masuk Cit Cat Azwan Ali. maybe she got aznil nawawi and azwan ali mixed up in her nervousness. I'm sure Aznil gets it a lot. heh heh.

i'm curious, are the students allowed to smoke cigarettes at the academy?