Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Berita Terkini

Nadio's spleen    16%
Nadio's lungs     21%
Nadio's kidneys   21%
Nadio's pancreas  21%
Nadio's liver     21%

Adik-adik, makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik, abang-abang, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa tiada organ yang akan dikeluarkan pada minggu ini. (cue: organs jumping around happily, hugging each other with tears of joy).

Hehe. Went to the doctor to review my CT scan today. Lungs, kidney, pancreas, liver all clear. There are still some lesions in the spleen, however it has reduced to more than half from the last CT Scan. So, the specialist said that there would be no need for a splenectomy! I get to keep my spleen! Woohoo! The scan report also said that there's a cyst in my right ovary (1.6x1.8cm). Spoke to my dad, and he told me not to worry about it. Ok, so I won't.

So I guess all is good. I'm scheduled to be admitted to the transplant ward on 2nd July. I will get a Hickman line inserted that day. After that, it will be 3 days of radiotherapy, then 2 days of chemo (not sure what the chemo protocol is called - will find out later). Then 1 day rest. The stem cell infusion will happen on 11th July. If all goes well, the doctor says I can be back at work after 3 months, which means October.

I asked the doctor, between relapsing after a transplant and before a transplant, which is worse. I just wanted to see if it's possible to keep the stem cell transplant as a last resort. He told me that it would be worse to relapse after a transplant, because it would show that the leukemia is really stubborn. He also added that a lot of patients who go into complete remission after the induction chemo usually do not go for stem cell transplant. But in his opinion, in my case, since I did not go into remission the first time around, he would say that I should have the transplant as soon as possible to avoid further complications. The datin advised me not to have a transplant and wait 6 more months to see if things continue to go well. It's tempting, but I think i will go with the doctor's advise.

So, from now to the transplant day, I will continue taking Voriconazole to clear off any residual infections.

Honestly, I've got to get myself more psyched up for this. After 3 months of being out of the hospital, I'm not feeling too keen for another long stay. Plus, how the heck am I supposed to follow AF3 from the Astro-less transplant ward?? Boo hoo! I think it's inhumane to not have Astro installed in hospital rooms. I believe that the quality of life will definitely increase with Astro (at least Ria) available. Hahaha!! Note: quality of life is not equal to cure rate, e.g. having satellite TV would not guarantee that I will be cured, but will definitely help me feel a lot less like a leukemia patient. But I did read somewhere that improving the quality of life increases the cure rate in cancer patients. I guess it does make sense somehow.

Ugh...and I've been eating too much chocolate. Can't bring myself to stop! As I'm typing this, I'm munching on Reese's Peanut Butter Pieces. Earlier today, I had Mark's & Spencer's Chocolate Cornflake Mini Bites, Cadbury Orange Pieces and Cadbury Trifle. I can feel my bum expanding now. Would probably wake up to a bum the size of North America. I'm counting on my transplant to lose all the weight I've gained.

Listen to me. I sound like I've got my priorities all haywire. OK, OK, I'll set it straight again. Number One: Survive leukemia & lose weight. Number Two: Survive AF3. Muahahaha!!