Monday, June 06, 2005


i was cleaning up my old books today, and found pictures of old boyfriends (dating back to 1998) inside the books. as the world works, some I dumped, and some dumped me.

my mum's new maid recently asked me why I am not working. I explained to her my situation at the moment. After 10 minutes of quietly listening, she told me maybe I kena buat dengan orang - voodoo-ed by someone. I just laughed at her comment.

Later that day, I recalled a conversation with my mum a couple of days earlier. My mum was asking me about a couple of my ex-boyfriends. i told her I don't know what happened to them. Mum advised me to read a prayer that fends off bad spirits from me. I asked her, "What has it got to do with my ex-boyfriends?" She told me, we could never know, maybe someone doesn't want me to be happy and wants me to suffer. I said, "Yeah right, whatever."

I'm not being cocky. I believe in those things. I've heard it happen to other people. But I just could not think of a circumstance where any of my ex-boyfriends would want to voodoo me. A secret admirer, perhaps? Hahahahaha! Yea I wish!

Well, maybe we could add one more possible reason to what causes leukemia. It would sound like this:

What causes leukemia?
Most causes of leukemia are not known. However, the disease has been linked to exposure to large amounts of high-energy radiation (from nuclear bombs), occupational exposure to the chemical benzene, viral infections, chemicals from cigarettes, and voodoo from disgruntled parties.