Sunday, June 05, 2005


The decision to bring Mawi and Masha back in was kind of expected. (I'm talking about AF3, btw) In fact, I think they've already made the decision, but asked all 8 to perform anyway to make it look fair. Oh well, I was rooting for Isa Kumar. He performed quite well, plus he had that underdog look about him. Heheh.

My prediction of the next kezutans:
  1. The teachers decide to kick Kefli out of the academy for being annoying and "perasan kiut". Seriously, I can't stand him. Next on my list is Reza.
  2. M. Nasir quits his position as the Principal after a huge fight with one of the students (preferably Kefli or Reza), and Astro decides to bring Ramli MS back in. No offense, I love M Nasir, but he's just been a very uninteresting principal so far.
  3. Linda Jasmine and Fathee comes out with a "Learn the Menuju Puncak Dance" VCD (Seasons 1, 2, 3) to make more money for Astro. I would buy this. It looks like good exercise.

And I need to git a life!

Have a wonderful Sunday, btw.

p/s: the color scheme of this blog does not have anything to do with the AF color scheme, in case anyone is about to accuse me of being a fanatic. bwahaha!