Wednesday, June 01, 2005

latest updates

went for a CT Scan yesterday. as always, i hate the part where they inject the dye...bloody painful! it took two tries for them to insert the i/v line on my hands. I don't know what's wrong with my veins!! in the absence of a doctor, i could see the lines on my hands. not only could i see it, but i could feel it! but as soon as a doctor comes along to fix the i/v line, the veins shy away, not to be seen or felt. it usually takes at least two or three tries to get blood or insert a line. naughty veins! other than the pains, the CT scan went well. I'm meeting the doctor next week to get the report. The next step will depend on the how the spleen infection has improved. If it has improved significantly, then we will wait a couple more weeks. If it only improved a little bit, then I will have to make a decision on whether to take out the spleen or continue treatment. We'll see. The nurses at the clinic have already prepared for my pre-transplant procedures, e.g. lung function test, dental checkup, etc.

i'm feeling great otherwise. i'm still on germanium, pau d'arco, selenium from the herbal datin. pau d'arco is excellent for the production red blood cells. combined with Sangobion, my Hemoglobin and red blood count readings have not gone below the minimum since I took them.

people i've met also told me that I'm looking well. :-) I take pride in looking healthy, no matter what goes on inside my bone marrow. i guess there are some perks in being ill, e.g. losing weight, getting rosy cheeks, softer new hair - how vain am I? hahaha. although given the choice, i'd rather be a fat-ass with dull skin than have leukemia.

cookie update: cookie is also up and running now, i'm guessing the pain from getting her head stuck at the electric gate has gone away. her skin has also improved for now (from the injection), but the doctor has warned us that it is only temporary, and it is the only thing he could do to keep her comfortable for the time being.