Monday, August 08, 2005

Day +28 - First Checkup

My first checkup since I was discharged. Things are looking good. My counts are up. Today's counts total white 5.5, Hb 10.4 and platelets 50,000. My next checkup is Thursday.

Doc reduced my prednisone to 20mg hopefully i'll be off the prednisone soon, hence no more chipmunk cheeks. Then he said that the Ciclosporin (anti-rejection medicine) may cause some coarse hair to grow around my that like a beard doc? oh-oh...anyway we'll see..hope not.

Otherwise, nothing much...he advised me to get a stationery bike to exercise at home...after hospital, went to spend about 15 minutes at Guardian pharmacy sniffing shower creams. i had to store away all my nice smelling shower gels at home coz it makes me nauseous! Settled with Simple's shower gel...nice no smell moisturizing shower gel..

I'm home now, had my shower, and I'm hungry...I feel like having a philly cheese steak..but mum's frying me some fish downstairs..i guess that'll do. While driving pass Giant, saw a Ramly burger god that was tempting!

Ok la...looks like i'm rambling like a rabbit. Don't worry I'm ok. I'm just so happy my counts are up! Alhamdulillah..