Friday, August 05, 2005

i obviously have nothing much to do

2 hours..and another blog post.

i have attempted to eat. sardine sandwich and an iced cappucino..which went down my throat with absolutely no taste. when will this go away? i expected everything to become normal once i got home yesterday, but so far it's just a big dream of mine.

the prednisone is also making me look like popeye...or some would say, a chipmunk. i'm going to avoid looking in the mirror for sometime now, i think.

ok...what happened to my cooking plan? I'm going to wait until i get my taste back. right now i have a list of things i want to do all at once so i have to plan them out:
  • watch Naked Chef
  • watch Futurama
  • watch TV
  • write out my thesis proposal

but all i'm doing now is chatting in Yahoo Msgr with a bunch of friends...

oh dang...i gotta go take those medicines...i forgot! till the next few hours...


question: has anybody out there tried eFlix? Is the service any good?